Thursday, August 15, 2013

NIV Worship Together Bible

NIV Worship Together Bible is a good, reliable choice for a bible.  It is a worship music themed bible in that the lyrics and chords of some popular worship songs are included within the text and in the back.  Other than that, there isn't much that stands out visually, other than the graphics on the removable dust jacket. Under the dust jacket, the traditional deep blue hardcover resembles a standard pew bible.  This subtle, unassuming bible features the new revised, gender inclusive 2011 NIV bible text.  Mixed throughout the text are the words to some well known contemporary worship songs as well as some background information about the song.  For those unfamiliar with Christian or worship music, these "devotional" passaged will simply seem like random, poetic interludes. 

The text is easy to read, and standard with bold chapter titles. There are no graphics or other visual elements. Nor is this a study bible as it lacks even the basic chapter introductions or maps that even many minimalist bibles have. What isn't standard is the unexpected dark cadet blue font.  The font looks like a shade between dark grey and blue.  Its nondescript shade isn't as bold as a black font and may make some readers question their eyesight- especially older readers with vision problems, or an astigmatism. 

Other than the inclusion of the words to worship music, and chords in the back for popular songs, and other related music material (a short article on music and chords), this is a very minimalist bible.  I might have expected a little more visual appeal for a bible that is marketed towards Christian worship music fans.  In that respect this bible is a little bit of a disappointment.  Nevertheless it is a high quality standard bible that looks sturdy enough to stand up to daily use. Basically this is a pew bible with some music lyrics and chord charts.  Overall, I would neither endorse this bible, not reject it.  I don't have any strong opinions about this bible either way. I feel that this bible gives a minimalist, clean, contemporary feel- nothing to distract the reader from the word of God.  As a blogger I received this bible published by Zondervan for the purpose of writing this review.

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