Friday, August 30, 2013

Christians Remember Your Past Lives Learn How by Douglas Casimiri

The newly published book, Christians Remember Your Past Lives Learn How by Douglas Casimiri is an attempt at reconciling Christian doctrine with Eastern and New Age concepts of reincarnation, karma, and mediation.  This is an ambitious piece of work cleverly weaving a number of new age concepts and packaging them in "Christian" form.  The author creates a curriculum to incorporate these various disjointed concepts and weaves them into one, cohesive field of study. In essence this book presents a new- hybrid religion related to the infamous spiritualist Cayce, known as the "Sleeping Prophet". This book, and its message, is the ultimate, logical conclusion of the  ecumenical movement which refers to  outreach of Christians to reach out to other religions and/or denominations.  In this case, the author attempts to persuade the nominal Christian, that the new age and Eastern spiritual beliefs condemned by the bible, are in fact compatible.  Using the phrase "Christian" is an attempt to make the teaching more palatable and to give credibility.  Through compromise, alternate or out of text "interpretations" and unique and  novel theories, the author asserts that reincarnation is a compatible with the Christian faith, and furthermore- Jesus is Buddha reincarnated and the concept of soul age basically explains all the ills of society.  Basically if there was in existence a book that taught apologetics in reverse- this is it. This is the anti apologetic book, more subtle, yet powerful in its ability to distort or confuse biblical teaching. The author draws heavily on Eastern religious writings and practices as well as apocryphal works as well.  One must remember that these so called "lost books" of the bible are not divinely inspired and do not represent biblical truth or Jesus' teaching.

This small 152 page book is a very thorough, exhaustive piece of work- introducing the reader to a whirlwind of New Age concepts: Indigo children, soul age (young vs. old souls), reincarnation, meditation and past life regression.  In text like fashion, this book is written to educate or indoctrinate the reader into accepting the logic that Christianity, Jesus and reincarnation are compatible and that Jesus taught reincarnation. The ultimate goal is to get the target reader- the  nominal Christian, and church goers,  into conducting their own past life regression experiences to reveal their own lives.  accepting some anti biblical ideas. 

It is extremely tempting to accept wholeheartedly what Casimiri asserts concerning the concept of soul age and the idea of reincarnation.  Many readers may find it comforting to know that their unsuccessful, immature, or otherwise flawed loved ones are probably new souls who are not yet comfortable in their own skins.  I can see how it might provide some assurance for those readers whose lives are less than ideal- whether financially, physically or emotionally, to have the excuse of being a new soul and that they will have an opportunity to perhaps try this life thing again at another time.  On the other hand, successful and well known personalities in the arts and philosophers and religious figures are deemed to be old souls who have lived multiple lives acquiring much wisdom.  To use Paul's expression from the New Testament,  this book's message will flatter or tickle the ears of its readers. Readers will want to believe the author's explanation- and many in fact will accept it as truth.

According to the author, the exercise of meditating and hypnosis can facilitate the reader to remember past lives through memories revealed in a meditative state or even reoccurring dreams which offer insight and clues into past lives.  This book is a handbook, providing the steps for the reader to conduct life regression sessions.  In fact, any reader can follow along and conduct his own sessions on himself or direct the sessions of another.  Steps on meditation and hypnotherapy are provided, step by step.  Even the script needed to lead either one's personal session or to facilitate the session of another, is included.  The back of the book even includes an "Examination For Certification As Past-Life and Age Regression Facilitator".  Completing this and mailing the exam with the fee will result in certification. 

Every concept introduced by this book: Karma, Buddha, soul age, Indigo children, reoccurring dreams, and meditation ties together into one complete puzzle for the reader.  Their are no loose ends- its a tightly woven theory- with one major issue- it is neither biblical nor Christian. Christians, nominal Christians, new Christians and religious church goers who are not solidly grounded in the bible may wind up accepting this book as true.  Readers who do not have a strong foundation in their faith may find themselves led astray.  This book tugs at the emotions and is powerfully convincing but even Paul warned in the bible that if anyone, even an angel teaches a new gospel or message, that it is to be rejected and furthermore, that even Satan himself can appear to be an angel of light and deceive people with believable sounding false doctrines. 

An especially valuable element of this book, if any  can be gleaned from its pages, is the idea of reflecting on one's dreams. Everyone has dreams, and reoccurring dreams are very common.  This book challenges the reader to dig deep, into the recesses of the mind or imagination to create a new story- an entirely new world.  This could provide creative fuel for any writer or student who find's himself caught with writer's block. The guided mental exercise of exploring one's dreams, flexes the unused creative process of the mind. In fact those readers who never considered writing or journaling, might even find their creativity stirred into existence with a newfound appreciation for imagination, writing and creativity. For those readers with an academic interest into research in the are of New Age studies, occult or Eastern spirituality, this book is a must read.  Those readers who are easily mislead or influenced or less grounded in their beliefs, may find themselves not only accepting reincarnation wholeheartedly but possibly even believing they have revealed specific details about their own past lives.  To the author's credit, this is not only a well written, thorough book, but an entire curriculum in the area of past life regression.  As a blogger I received this book, published by Author House for the purpose of writing this review.

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