Saturday, January 28, 2017

Q&A a Day for Writers: 1-Year Journal by Potter

Q&A a Day for Writers: 1-Year Journal by Potter is a new alternative format book- a cross between a one year journal and a yearly calendar. Each day features a poetic writing prompt or idea to inspire the reader to write further.  It is reminiscent of the daily journals I did in school to start the day.  This book is a great idea for writers or for anyone else who wants to fill their time with something deeper than passive video games or television.  This book would make a great gift.  As far as practicality I found personally it would require much time and dedication and with all my other responsibilities I felt that I simply did not have the time to spare. Any of the unique writing prompts could even be expanded to create a full length novel for those who are extra inspired or ambitious.  This book has a lot of great ideas and would be an invaluable tool for teachers.   In the end, this book would be perfect to integrate into an honors high school English class or a college literature or writing course.  As a blogger I received a copy of this book published by Potter/ TenSpeed/Harmony press for the purpose of writing this review.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig

A Boy Called Christmas

by Matt Haig is a new audio book perfect to give as a gift for Christmas and the holidays.  Based on the book, this is an audio rendition of the popular classic story.   Listening to an audio book is the perfect way to recreate a nostalgic Christmas tradition for adults and children alike.  Although I normally don't listen to audio books, as I feel they lack the flexibility and portability of a book- this is worth a try as it can become the start of a new yearly Christmas tradition. Unlike a movie, you must use your imagination.  This audio book is much longer than a movie so you may want to plan ahead and free up a few nights to listen to it.  Nicely packaged this also would make the perfect gift for anyone.  As a blogger I received a copy of this set for the purpose of writing this review.