Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Inaccessible (or The Day That Got Away or The Day I Was Not Saved)

"Inaccessible" -   

in·ac·ces·si·ble  defined as not accessible, unable to be reached or understood..... I came across a passage in the book of Matthew 13:11-16 that made me think of this particular word.  For those readers who are interested, go ahead and read it- and also read the parable that precedes it. 

 After reading that particular passage in Matthew, an image from my past came to mind.  For whatever reason, I was transported back in time- almost thirty years ago- with a  brief and insignificant memory that lay dormant.  I was a  grade schooler either 10 or 11 years old.  I remember being alone and grabbing a book down from a bookshelf as I often did when no one was around watching.  I guess it was a pastime- if I was not busy eating all the treats I could find in the pantry, I was exploring the books -as soon as I had an opportunity to be alone.  These were not my books, but rather my parents.  I remember tiptoeing and pulling down from the top shelf- a larger sized volume- the bible.  Curious, I opened the book and randomly read.  I was quite surprised at how easy to understand the words were- despite my mere sixth grade reading level abilities at the time. ( I did certainly enjoy reading and read whatever books and novels I could find: self help books, health books, encyclopedias- whatever I found I read.  I remember secretly reading my  mom's bathroom stash of reading material- strangely enough there was a copy of the biography on the "Elephant Man"  with a black and white photo insert which she kept hidden near the toilet bowl.  No book was safe with me around.   I learned so many things from reading! )

But,  this book was different- it was The Bible.  Contrary to the commonly held stereotypes that the bible is too difficult to read and  irrelevant in modern society and largely inaccessible to the majority of the population- the words were clear, easy to grasp and eye opening.  I wondered to myself as to why this book was apparently hidden in the bookshelf, squeezed between other books and out of my reach. I wondered why no one told me about this book, and why no one shared the teachings it contained.  I could not help but think it was withheld from me and I did not know why.  Sure we attended church a few times as did so many others,  yet I did not understand what was said at the services.  It was inaccessible.  And though I did not understand this at the time, the bible foretold this and explains this in Matthew 13:11-16.  It is incredible how many people, how many households have a copy of this life changing book, yet it simply collects dust on a book shelf unread.  It is amazing how many church going families and religious parents, that are out there, who never have personally shared the life giving message of the bible with their own children.  It is difficult to comprehend the countless numbers of men, women, children.... moms and dads, brothers and sisters, who sit in a pew every sunday listening to a sermon or message yet cannot understand what is said.  Their hearts are hardened, and their ears cannot hear- just like the listeners whose closed ears and closed hearts could not understand the parables of Jesus.  On that day, looking back, I compare myself to the seed, that fell upon the footpath in Matthew 13:4.  The message was lost to me.

That day, I was not saved. That day,  I did not receive the Good News. That was the day that got away.  I did not learn about eternal life or God's love and grace.   The seeds were quickly snatched away, like the seeds on the hard, barren footpath.   I slowly closed the bible in despair- placing it carefully back on the shelf, feeling dejected.... dismissing it as yet another book filled with fables and fairy tales, returning to my life as usual saying to myself, thinking that if it were true, then certainly someone would have told me about it. 

Well that was not my day of salvation.  It was not to come for a number of years.  So many share their testimony of how they were saved, but how many people share the day the were not saved.  I believe this shows how important it is to share the good news of the bible with everyone- including children and family.  No one should be overlooked- everyone needs to hear about God's message.  This is the story of the day that salvation escaped..... but I do remember the day I was saved.

Needless to say, I admit I ended up swiping that bible, and taking it for my own use years later.  And I still have it to this day. 

Now for the story of the day I was saved.....

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