Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mommy Time: 90 Devotions for New Moms by Sarah Arthur

Mommy Time: 90 Devotions for New Moms by Sarah Arthur is a new edition to the popular Christian devotional genre.  What makes this book distinct is that it is written exclusively for brand new moms of newborn babies including first time moms and experienced moms alike.

The author draws from her own personal experiences which makes this book somewhat autobiographical in nature.  At times, I found myself so engrossed in Sarah Arthur's story, that I was compelled to read simply to find out what happened next as if I was following a drama mini series.  While the personal anecdotes are good because it draws the reader into her life, not all readers will be able to relate to the "perfect" circumstances of a stress free, risk free pregnancy, conceiving on the very first try after 13 years of marriage.  The fact that this first time mom is in her 30s will draw in a broader audience, and not simply the young 20- something first time moms.  Nevertheless not many moms, can relate to being married for 13 years  in a stable marriage and financially secure, yet choosing to delay childbearing. To her credit the author does acknowledge this.  Even for career minded women, to wait 13 years seems excessive, and much more so unlikely for a pastor's wife.  Any women who has experienced infertility or pregnancy loss will have difficulty relating to the author's circumstances.  Most likely the Arthurs delayed their choice to have children as a result of their dedication to their ministry.

Overall, this devotional is a very good outreach opportunity to draw in new moms into the bible and spirituality.  The author reflects on God's words in the bible and ties them into motherhood.  The book also follows chronologically, starting with the birth experience and bringing the newborn home. She covers pediatrician appointments, scrapbooking,  postpartum issues and marriage.  Just about every related topic of interest to new mom is discussed in light of scripture. The author seems to know just the right biblical verses and applies them to the miracle of life and motherhood. Each devotional begins with a biblical verse.  The passages that follow incorporate Sara's experiences and her faith.  Any reader, those familiar with the bible and those who are new to the bible will be able to get something new out of this devotional book.  Beautifully designed with a pastel themed cover and pleasing graphics, this book is very inviting and would make a good gift for any new mom or at a baby shower. The 90 day devotional format- one new topic a day for a total of 90 topical devotions is perfect for moms to read especially in the first three months of their newborn's life.  As a blogger for Tyndale I received this book for the purpose of writing a review.

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