Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Does anyone actually read my blog.... get your free book or bible

Does anyone actually read my blog? Click the link below to get a free book or bible:

Free Bible or Book

This only takes a few min and there is NO shipping charge.

You need an email address.  Once you sign up you will get a confirmation email.  Follow the link in your email and it will start you out with 25 points.  Earn more points by doing a few quick surveys and signing up for emailings. Within 10 min you will have enough points for a book or bible NIV or NLT.   Personally I can't afford to buy anything beyond necessities much less books.  I get my books for free by doing surveys or reviews. Ironically if you ever go into a Christian book store, you will see that new bibles are very expensive.   If you sign up I will get 10 more points towards another book or bible.  I used up my points on a book about the Psalms and another book about the Lord of the Rings.  Now I am trying to get a bible.

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