Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Your Road to Damacus by William Y. Higgins

Your Road to Damacus: 6 Biblical Secrets for an effective Job Search  by William Y. Higgins is an not the typical step by step manual to getting the perfect job. There are plenty of resume guides and job search guide books  on the market.  What makes this book stand out is that it is not simply a job search guide but a hybrid volume combining a job search guide with devotional and self help elements.

The stories of  notable heroes of the bible such as the account of Paul's conversion and missionary work  in the New Testament, and Joseph in Egypt in the old testament serves as a springboard to illustrate the biblical and spiritual parallels with a job search.  Each chapter or secret focuses on a different element of job searching such as resumes, interviews, negotiation and skills assessment and relates it to a particular story or lesson in the bible.  This book is the perfect solution for any believer who finds himself out of work.  Nevertheless, this book isn't just for Christians but for every frustrated job seeker.  The calming spiritual references provide comfort and support as well as direction for those who feel as if they have exhausted their  financial and emotional resources. Background of the biblical and its significance is  provided right in the first chapter.  The author uses anecdotes from his own experiences, and weaves them with biblical principles to provide guidance and motivation for a weary job seeker.  In today's economy, with the high rates of unemployment the job search is often discouraging.  Higgins addresses this issue, providing spiritual as well as practical guidance.

This is not simply a self help book, or devotional book but a job seeking tool. This book is also a work book in that there are a number of self assessment tools and worksheets for the reader to fill in and complete. It is clear the author has a background in psychology because the author incourages the reader to access not only his skills but mental fitness as well.  There is also a how to guide for the  process of creating a resume and on going on interviews. Also contained are strategies and templates for email and thank you letters.  This single volume contains everything that is needed for the entire job seeking process.  This book is so extensive that it is a complete curriculum in of itself.  It is like an introductory course to job searching with a biblical perspective. This isn't a book you simply read.  It is an interactive hands on book with actual assignments to lead the reader to a job.   The author has created a new way to use and apply the bible.  Rather than dread reading yet another job search, resume book, I found this book a pleasure to pick up and read.  As a blogger I received this book published by Mindware for the purpose of writing this review.

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