Monday, July 19, 2010

The Jesus You Can't Ignore by John MacArthur

As a blogger for I read John MacArthur's timely and bold book, The Jesus You Can't Ignore. In light of the new relativistic movements sweeping across many mainline, self-professing, contemporary "Christian" churches, MacArthur challanges the erroneous yet commonly held misconception that Jesus is all about permissivness and tolerance. Grounded with biblical support, MacArthurs points out and dispells the incorrect views held by so many modern churches, speakers and preachers. Futhermore, he likens these incorrect, anti-biblical beliefs to the false teachings of the hypocritical religious establishment as well as the false teachers that Jesus himself warned against.

Contrary to popular belief, Jesus did in fact condemn religious hypocracy as well as false teachers. Jesus did not tolerate false beliefs, neither did he engage in open, ongoing dialog as many modern churches wish to do with other religious faiths. Jesus firmly rejected false teachers comparing them to wolves in sheeps clothing. In this book, each chapter is devoted to a specific instance in the bible in which Jesus bodly confronted and condemned incorrect, ungodly and innacurate teachings. Hypocracy as well as traditions of men were condemned. Jesus was not concerned with sounding offensive nor with winning a popularity contest. Many sincere people who have not read the bible may be totally unaware of the Jesus that is actually depicted by the bible and how it contrasts to their own ideas. Furthermore, many people are satisfied having been supplied with a watered down, wishy-washy, non offensive picture of our Lord. Now is time to look deeply to see if you too have been brainwashed into believeing in a false water-downed, politically correct gospel. I'd challange any Christian or religious person to take another look into how the gospels really present Jesus. I reccomend this book for any sincere seeker. The views presented in this review are my own.