Friday, October 30, 2009

Living With Confidence in a Chaotic World by Dr. David Jeremiah

As a member of the Thomas Nelson Review Blogger program , I had the opportunity to review the book: Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World. Dr. Jeremiah offers practical and spiritually enriching strategies for coping in this difficult world that we live in. When faced with today’s traumatic events such as sickness, death, divorce, natural and political disasters, crime, loss of financial security, foreclosure, and unemployment- a word of comfort as well as practical biblical coping mechanisms are offered to help ease the pain.
This timely topics of this book are simplistic and well organized. The reading level is very simple, and there are MANY anecdotes throughout the text. Basic biblical principals are transformed into self help strategies that can turn feelings of anxiety and depression into positive times of productivity. Common sense strategies are organized into chapters: 1. Stay Calm, 2. Stay Compassionate, 3. Stay Constructive, 4. Stay Challenged 5. Stay Connected, 6. Stay Centered, 7. Stay Confident, 8. Stay Consistent, 9. Stay Committed, 10. Stay Convinced. Basically, the theme of this book is that despite the circumstances around you, as an individual, you do have control over how you respond.
Although biblical examples and teachings are applied throughout the book, this book is general enough, nonetheless to be used as a self help guide for the secular audience as well. This book shows that not only can sound biblical principals be applied in the apostolic age, but in these difficult modern days as well. I would recommend this book for anyone who is seeking some common sense guidance and comfort for their lives.