Friday, July 21, 2017

Assisted suicide or euthenasia- what's your view?

Most people have heard of the idea of living wills and advanced directives- especially those who work in the healthcare field. Those living with chronic progressive and/or terminal illness and their families, most likely are also knowledgeable about advanced directives and living wills. Hospice services help those patients with a terminal illness to receive comfort care in their final days.    Palliative care services aides those who may or may not be eligible for hospice, but  have intractable pain or other needs that might not be fully met with mainstream pain management alone.

Assisted suicide, is an entirely separate concept, and it is not legal in the United States.  Commonly referred to as euthanasia, the idea of assisted suicide is a complicated subject, and is distinct from Hospice services.  Personally I have known some confused individuals and even healthcare professionals who  may even equate hospice and palliative care services to be no different than euthanasia.  Yes, it is true that effective pain and symptom management might require increasing doses of medication to be effectively controlled, nevertheless this is not considered euthanasia or suicide. Although for some living with terminal illness, there is the rare occasion that severe intractable pain  might need to be treated with palliative sedation, in no way is this to be equated with euthanasia or assisted suicide.

Dignitas- assisted suicide video - This video depicts the last day of a man in the later stages of  a terminal neuro-degenerative illness. It is the policy of Dignitas, the assisted suicide service organization-  to take a video of the patient for the purposes of establishing that his death was not coerced and to rule out a crime when an investigation is conducted.  For this reason, one may come across assisted suicide videos on the internet.  In this video, can see that the man's degenerative conditions has progressed so as to cause almost a full body paralysis and to impair his ability to breath on his own.  It is clear even with ventilation support, the work of breathing is debilitating for this man. One can see his gasps for breath as he talks.  It is obvious the man is suffering physically and emotionally, and that his mental awareness and cognitive ability is fully intact.  Also this is not legal in this country, nor should it be legalized,  it is hard to place judgment, nonetheless,  on this man's decision, nor should one presume to make judgment on this man's personal decision to end his life.   I was unable to find any information if this man had access to hospice programs. One can not say with assurance if this man had access to Hospice, if he would have still experienced the hopelessness, distress and physical pain leading to his decision.  Nevertheless, I have seen the effectiveness of hospice programs in alleviating the physical and emotional distress of alleviating individuals in terminal stages of illness ranging from cancer to degenerative neuro- motor diseases.  I personally feel its worth while to make hospice more accessible to patients and to take measures to reduce the fear and stigma that many associate with hospice programs.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Your Guide to the Apocalypse: What You Should Know Before the World Comes to an End by Matt Hagee  

Your Guide to the Apocalypse: What You Should Know Before the World Comes to an End by Matt Hagee   is the perfect guide book for those who have ever been curious about what the bible has to say about the end times.  The apocalypse is a common theme these days- especially since 2012 with psuedo- scientific and social predictions of the end of the world. A popular genre in movies as well as novels, it is difficult for the casual reader to sort out the pop culture views from biblical reality.  The bible has much to say about the end times, but it may difficult for the average reader to decode- and sort through the relevant prophetic related scriptures that are woven throughout the old and new testament.  In his new book, Hagee does thorough research into matching up political, social environmental events with what the bible has to say about the end times. This book is written in a mater of fact narrative style, that is simple for all readers no matter where they may be in their spiritual growth. Bible readers as well as the general audience will be able  to learn much about what the bible has to say about the end times.  As a blogger I received a copy of this book published by Waterbrook press for the purpose of writing this review.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

100 Favorite Bible Verses By Thomas Nelson Published by Thomas Nelson

100 Favorite Bible Verses By Thomas Nelson  Published by Thomas Nelson is a beautiful, portable devotional book features 100 of the most relevant or popular bible verses.  This compendium is certain to feature many familiar bible verses.  Each two page spread features a beautifully illustrated bible verse and a short devotional that expands on the verse.  I found the devotional passages to be enlightening,. making me think abut familiar verses in an entirely new way.  For example, just about everyone has heard of the "Love Is" passage from Corinthians.  It is commonly cited in anniversary cards, for example.  Yet how many considered that this can be applied to any relationship such as with interactions with grumpy coworkers or gossiping neighbors?  Its sounds counterintuitive for many to apply this beloved passage to enemies, but that is what Jesus asks us to do.  The devotional passage opened up an entirely way to read into this sometimes overused passage which is often used as a common catchphrase in romantic relationships.  There were other eye opening insights for commonly known bible verses as well.  I'd recommend this book to any bible believer in whatever stage of spiritual growth they may be in.  Whether a new believer in the bible wanting an introduction to basic memory verses or an experienced bible enthusiast who wants new insight into familiar bible passages this book will not be a disappointment.  This book is not simply a superficial survey of popular verses.  Rather it offers meaningful, in depth insight.  The beautiful book is reminiscent of the art featured in the "Beautiful Word" Zondervan series of bibles and devotionals, but is not associated with the series.  There is some common styled graphics and art, but this book features bible verses from the NIV, NLT and NKJV as well as other translations.  As a blogger for booklook I received a copy of this book published by Thomas Nelson for the purpose of writing this review.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Foundations of Drawing: A Practical Guide to Art History, Tools, Techniques, and Styles by Al Gury

Foundations of Drawing: A Practical Guide to Art History, Tools, Techniques, and Styles by Al Gury is an all in one volume- an art technique course and history rolled into one.  If you are looking for one single art book to introduce you to art instruction as well as a brief introduction to art history, then this is the only book you will need.  Perfect for the beginning artist as well as the established professional, this book will open the reader to new art methods and the history behind creating art.  This is definitely a book you will return to often, for reference as well as for instruction.  This book is like having your own personal art instructor at your finger tips.  Also included are beautiful reproductions of art, step by step photos of the stages of art as well as photographs.  Be sure to take this book with you as well when compiling and shopping for your artistic tools.  As a blogger I received a copy of this book published by Potter/Ten Speed/ Harmony publishers.  This is certainly a book that will be treasured; an essential reference for all artists.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Night Night, Train By Amy Parker Published by Thomas Nelson

Night Night, Train is the newest picture board book By Amy Parker  Published by Thomas Nelson.  Parker's bed time themed picture books are part of our bedtime routine for my 2 and 4 year old.  This newest picture book features beautiful colorful art and the popular train theme.  The serene animal  cartoons and peaceful nighttime sky with the bright moon and the stars will serve as a perfect way to prepare young children for med.  The dreamlike story covers everything from dinner to bathtime, story time and prayer time on the quaint nostalgic train ride.  This book will be enjoyed just as much by girls as it will be enjoyed by boys.  As a blogger for Booklook I received a copy of this book published by Thomas Nelson for the purpose of writing this review.