Friday, April 5, 2013

What's Your Mark by Jeremy Cowart

What's Your Mark: Every Moment Counts by Jeremy Cowart is a unique little book combining the full gospel account of Mark (NIV) translation mixed in with the creative photography of Cowart.  Photos as well as stories featuring individuals who have made an impact in the world are combined with the bible text of Mark in this hybrid full color coffee table type of book. The inspirational stories of 15 modern day individuals are grafted into the text of the fast paced account of Mark.  Each biography is quick, simple and gets right to the point.  The carefully planned photos are art in of themselves.  The title cleverly depicts the word mark in two senses.  The first as in the concept of making a difference or impression on others and secondly, as in the well known gospel of Mark.

The account of Laura Lasky, tells the reader about a woman who dedicates her time ministering to overlooked women- dancers in the street clubs  in San Francisco, giving the dancers, cupcakes as well as a listening ear.  Lasky also volunteers to help other people, those who are often looked down upon- such as homosexuals, transgendered individuals and the poor.  Just as Jesus often rebuked the Pharasees and hypocrites and ate with tax collectors and other "sinners", Lasky associates with those who many snobbish modern day hypocrites denounce.  She doesn't force any religion on those she volunteers, she does not judge.  Other featured people include more well known personalities in today's media  such as the president of Chick fil A.  He is featured as being a strong leader for the sake of the gospel.  I agree it is clear that his company stands firm and does not compromise on its moral values, yet I cannot help but feel in light of all the negative liberal attention, his inclusion in this book is a marketing attempt to counteract the negative media image.

This book is like pop culture in the context of modern Christianity with its references to social media, Twitter as well as a number of popular reality television shows and documentaries.  Clearly this book is written to the younger generation of television watching, social media consumers. It is a good marketing tool to get a sample of  the NIV version of the bible into the hands of a new generation.    I imagine much of the target readership probably has never read any of the new testament gospels in completion.  Yet with the full text of Mark, perhaps the readers may take the time to read the gospel.  Most likely, many readers will simply consider it to be quaint filler.  As a blogger for booksneeze I received this book published by Zondervan for the purpose of writing this review.

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