Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Sudden Glory by Sharon Jaynes

A Sudden Glory by Sharon Jaynes is an inspirational new book written for women who are seeking to start or strengthen their relationship with God.  This book is for any reader who wants more out of life.  While this book does not address the needs of those readers experiencing a major crisis, grief or extreme hardship, this book, nevertheless will inspire those readers who simply want more out of their ordinary, mundane comfortable lives.  This book urges women to "cease striving" based on Psalm 46:10.  In otherwords, the author tells the reader to focus less on doing more and accomplishments and to spend more time focusing on prayer and a relationship with God.  Contrary to the demands of fast paced modern society, the author tells the reader it is okay to slow down and relax and that this may be required in order to strengthen one's own spirituality. At times this may be self serving for those readers already inclined towards a passive attitude and sloth.  But that is not the author's purpose.  This advise is directed toward the overworked, overly tired woman who neglects her spiritual life and relationship with God.

The author, Sharon Jaynes explains that it is common and natural to feel a void in one's life.  It may feel like something is missing yet it is not obvious as to what may be lacking.  While our most obvious and basic needs- and then some- are met, we still feel a vacuum.  Jaynes calls this a "glory ache" in which we long for something greater; something spiritual- as in a greater purpose determined and directed by God.  She explains this is a God planted ache for a greater purpose or glory.  The author uses personal anecdotes from her own life.  She compares her lack of direction and spiritual dryness to the wandering in the wilderness in the book of Exodus.  While personal anecdotes gives a touch of authenticity and a personal connection, for those readers whose lives and circumstances vastly differ and are less than ideal- the personal stories might serve to alienate.  Using personal anecdotes involves a trade off- in some cases it fosters a closer bond with the reader while in other- a rift is created.

The author uses plenty of bible scripture which is good as it increases the reliability factor of this work.  There are two pages of lined journal space near the end of the book- a nice touch, but not enough to be actually useful.  Perhaps it is there to serve as a suggestion or hint for the reader to keep her own- separate- journal.  The beautiful butterfly clip art accents make the text more inviting. Also included is a helpful thorough study guide that readers can use to get the most out of the material presented.  It is perfect for serious readers who actually want to follow through with their spiritual growth.  This is a good book for anyone who wished to live a more purposeful life in the spirit.  As a blogger I received this book published by Water Brook Multnomah publishers for the purpose of writing this review.

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