Monday, March 11, 2013

The Night Horses by Anaka Jones

The Night Horses by Anaka Jones is a not a typical children's book about horses.  This picture book might start out like a traditional barnyard tale- but it doesn't end that way. Any child is certain to enjoy this story about horses that live ordinary horsey lives by day yet come out together inorder to celebrate and party all night. A story that begins as a tale of the ordinary lives of horses holds in store for the reader a suprise twist as it turns into a magical fantasy about what horses do after dark.  The author draws in the reader by introducing the horses by name.  In fact, Jones brings the horses to life- sharing their unique and indivdual personalities-such as their names, their daily habits, likes and dislikes. The reader is introduced to the horses' families.  Children will be able to relate to the fact that the horses form families, have children and friendship bonds as well.

When the day ends the magical lives of the horses begin.  "When the people finish up their chores and go back to their house....The Night Horses get out their disco ball." Page 12 With stark contrast to their daytime routine, the horses dance, have manicures and even snacks until they tire and go to bed.  Not only will the subject of horses appeal to horse fans and younger children, the storyline will also appeal to elementary kids of all ages.  The horses and their manicures and disco ball will draw in the pre-teen girl readers.  In general Jones's original tale will appeal to a broad audience. I can imagine this being a perfect bedtime story for parents to read to their kids.  The writing style sounds natural and inviting and the illustrations compliment the story nicely.  Ironically the front and back cover perfectly depict the duality of this story- as the front cover depicts a traditional and serene nightime sillouette of horses.  The back cover depicts a fantasy circus-like poster styled image of a dancing horse.  As a blogger I recieved this book published by Create Space for the purpose of writing this review.

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