Saturday, March 2, 2013

Days Like These by Kristian & Rachel Anderson

Days Like These- Even in the Darkest of Moments Light Can Shine Through by Kristian & Rachel Anderson chronicles the inspiring cancer journey and  the faith of a husband and father of two young boys.  Most importantly, this book will give readers the strength to face any hardship or tragedy "even when the miracle doesn't come".  In contrast to so many memoirs and autobiographies with happy fairy tale endings, this inspirational family held onto their faith despite adversity, despite terminal illness and even in the face of failing health and unsuccessful medical treatments.  Where most people would give up in despair, this book depicts happy content photos taken by Kristian Anderson weeks before his passing.  Despite learning the news that his chemo had failed to treat his cancer, and that the tumors would continue to grow, his faith in God remained strong.  His journey will empower other readers facing cancer, or any other terminal, acute or chronic illness.

This book is based on Kristian's blog entries over the course of two years from his diagnosis to shortly before his death.  The reader follows the journey in Kristian's own words- with some insertions and additions by his wife, Rachel.  Also included are Kristian's prayers and bible verses- a testament to his faith.  In fact I am sure the selected verses and bible excerpts that he selected for his blog not only offered him comfort in the midst of pain and emotional anguish but will also provide comfort to the reader in the face of tragedy and grief.  In fact, I read this book not only once but twice in order to absorb and meditate on the wealth of bible verses that Kristian carefully selected.  Clearly he as well as his wife, depended on God.

In addition to the spiritual side of the cancer journey there is significant medical information included.  In fact I found this book very educational in learning about the medical and scientific side of cancer and its treatment as well as the physical and emotional aspects of treatment.  While I recommend this book as inspiring for anyone especially those in the midst of tragedy I would be hesitant to give this book as a gift to anyone going through cancer because the end of the book coincides with Kristian's death.  Regardless of however inspirational this story is- for someone who is actually fighting to beat cancer and survive, the ending might be a bit disheartening.  As a blogger for Booksneeze, I received this book published by Zondervan publishers for the purpose of writing this review.

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