Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Primal Creatures By Eric Wilder

Primal Creatures By Eric Wilder is a fiction novel  which blends a detective mystery with a horror story involving werewolves to create an entirely new genre. This mystery takes place in the unique, beloved setting of Louisiana on a secluded island.  Authentic local details and description transport the reader to New Orleans with its colorful traditions and local folklore. The reader is introduced to local tales of Werewolves otherwise known as rougarou- also known as the Cajun wear wolf.   Also in this tale are the  superstitious religious beliefs and traditions of  voodoo. In this classic battle of good vs evil, the concept of a specific "god" is irrelevant and vague.  In the voodoo belief, a specific belief in a specific diety does not matter and is not specifically defined.  Nevertheless the characters find they must defeat an undefined evil that is embodied in the physical form of the rougarou.   The author's talented writing brings the reader face to face with the horrific transformations of  murderous werewolf -like creatures who masquerade under the guise of solitary monks. 

The book features well developed yet eccentric characters. The main character, is a private investigator named Wyatt Thomas who finds himself investigating a very suspicious death that occurs in a strange  monastery- exclusive scenic resort.  Everything about this story represents a contrasting enigma starting with its unusual setting- an isolated island that is the home to a suspicious band of young mysterious monks  yet shared by  wealthy vacationing  members of the entertainment industry.  The hero himself is quite unusual- despite his educated background and financial stability, it  does not seem plausible that he never used a cell phone, sent an e-mail nor has he ever used a computer in this modern age.  With his extensive resume that includes law enforcement and his legal education, it is difficult to believe that he is entirely ignorant of technology and  computers.  In a role reversal, Wyatt finds himself learning the basics of computers and technology from  the uneducated, homeless young woman he finds hiding in his quarters - who does not even have a high school degree.  He befriends the young sidekick,  Sierra, who seems more like a homeless puppy than a woman capable of landing a government job or attending a university.  Ironically, this unruly, uneducated former prostitute is immediately tamed and finds herself paired with an aging, reclusive bird watching, professor- mentor, as  well as a paying government job, and subsidized college enrollment with Wyatt's help. 

 As with many modern detective novels, this book includes some adult content and suggestive themes that make it unsuitable for some readers.    In this day and age, many readers expect this type of material in order to hold their attention, hence it is commonplace especially in detective fiction.  Those readers who normally enjoy detective novels and the element of the supernatural  will enjoy this detective novel by Eric Wilder.  The unique setting and werewolf element makes this story unique.  The surprise ending and supernatural horror twist will grab the reader's attention and make this story memorable.  As a blogger I received this book for the purpose of writing this review from the author.  This book is published by Gondwana press.

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