Monday, February 25, 2013

I've Had My Baby , Now What? by Shalay Struhs

I've had my Baby, Now What? by Shalay Struhs is a book written for new moms providing helpful tips for good health and emotional well being during the postpartum period.
This book came to my attention as a blogger and captured my interest as I too have just delivered. Struhs uses personal anecdotes to share with the reader, her difficult postpartum experiences. Unlike the author, my postpartum experiences have been positive- especially this time around having had a healthy perfect baby after experiencing the grief of a late term loss and then a high risk pregnancy. Contrary to the premise that pregnancy is one of the happiest times in a woman's life- it wasn't for me. Yet due to the prevalence of post partum depression I am sure many readers will relate.   Nevertheless the author made some valid points such as the importance of healthy eating, drinking enough water to remain hydrated and the value of sleep and excercise.  She provided important medical correlations between healthy habits snd hormonal balance as well as physical health. I sm certain the medical community would back up many of the facts provided about the link between food, activity and physical health.  Yet some of the specifics might be considered alternative methods and not as practical for many women.  For example some organic food is too expensive and prohibitive as well as some of the nutritional suppliments.  Also yoga and alternative medicines such as accupuncture are not the first choices for many women due to time or cost.  To the author's credit, she recognises this and suggests more mainstream diet and excercise alternatives as well  that will more readily fit into most mom's lifestyles and budgets.  My first impression after reading this 24 page book is that it would be most appropriate as a brochure or pamphlet rather than being marketed and sold as a book for $11.95.  I believe this would be perfect for distribution at hospitals and doctors offices to patients or sold for a significantly reduced price.  For a$11.95 most  readers would expect at least a 200 page book. The author has an impotant message to deliver to new moms. The professional and easy to read format makes it easy for the reader to follow along.   The price for me is a big issue as it may be for many readers and is probably going to be a deterrent for sales. For this reason I believe it would be worthwhile for the author to reduce the price or perhaps re-consider the format of this book and publish it as a pamphlet or brochure.  As a blogger I received this book from the author published by Outskirts press for the purpose of writing this review.

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