Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson

Draw the Circle :The 40 Day Prayer Challenge by Mark Batterson is part of a growing genre of 40 day devotional books.  The 40 day wilderness account in the new testament gospel of Matthew chapter 4 has inspired countless books and devotionsls based on the 40 day principle of changing one's life and growing closer to God.  Though the themes vary- the 40 day devotional pattern is significant. In contrast to yearly devotionals, 40 day devotionals tend to be more focused in a specific themed and can be complered in a more managable amount of time.

Batterson's devotional is based on his original book- The Circle Maker.  Nevertheless, those readers who never read the previous book can still enjoy this independent devotional.    As the bible teaches prayer can change lives.  It is a wonder how so many Christians overlook something so basic as prayer.  The author brings to light the real power of prayer for the individual and the lives around him or her.  Based heavily on personsal anecdotes and scripture the reader is empowered to seek out the power of prayer for himself.  Many of the stories center around how the reader can minister to those around him- strangers as well as familiar faces alike.  It teaches the reader to be in tune with the proddings of the Holy Spirit.   This book is certainly not to encourage the introverted solitary individual.  The author encourages the reader to take a chance- a risk- and leave tge confines of his circle of comfort- to discard social norms of personal space and privacy- in order to reach out to those in need,  The idea is that we are tools of the Holy Spirit sometimes called to do a work or deliver a message for others- even strangers.  For those who want a comfortable book while sitting at home - for self help- this isn't it.  This book is for those who want to get out and make a difference.

As a blogger for booksneeze I received this book published by Zondervan publishers for the  purpose of writing this review.

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