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65 Promises From God for your Child: Powerful Prayers For Supernatural Results by Mike Shreve

65 Promises From God for your Child: Powerful Prayers For Supernatural Results  by Mike Shreve is a pocket sized manual that teaches the parent about effectively harnessing God's promises for their children.  There are countless sterile, ineffective parenting books written on the subject of childraising  on the market today.  Some books are even marketed as "Christian" parenting books.  But this book goes beyond a parenting how to guide but rather is a life changing book to activate the power of God in your child's life.  In the forward, the author's wife,  Elizabeth Shreve, explains that the bible is in fact the ultimate parenting book.  And regardless of any parenting magazine, book or advise you may read, nothing is more effective or more powerful than the bible itself.  Even in the face of a grim health prognosis, or circumstance- God is powerful and capable of miracles and changes lives- physically and spiritually.  God has in store, a miracle for your family according to the author.  And even if God's promises seem slow in coming to fruition, they are reliable.  In fact as the author points out in the introduction, Noah waited 120 years, Abraham and Sarah waited 25 years and Joseph waited 13 years for their promises (page 9)- even when the situation seemed impossible and hopeless! So regardless of how hopeless or impossible your own family's situation or child's situation seems, nothing is beyond God's power.  It is time for the reader to put aside defeatist attitudes and claim God's promises.

This small scale, pocket sized book seems  deceptively simple on the outside, but so much is packed into its 118 pages.  The cover- with its bold block letters and the silhouette of a mother holding the hand of her young child in of  itself seems ordinary enough that it could get lost in the already saturated market of parenting books.  But this book is different. It contains literal power- that is, if you believe the bible is true and have faith in the power of God's word.  Shreve dug deep into scripture- specifically, the old testament, finding just about every scriptural reference to God's promises  that can be applied to child rearing.

Each topic covers a one to two page spread for 65 themed topics in all.  The college themed block font, as well as the tiny sized text might give the impression that this book is for more seasoned or experienced parents of older children.  Nevertheless, this is not necessarily the case as God's promises for parents and their children are not limited to an age group.  The scripture passages and verses that speak for themselves.  Each theme covers a specific topic, as well as a selected old testament passage. Just about every passage selected is from the old testament with a couple of exceptions. The same format is followed throughout the book- making this easy to use as a daily or even weekly devotional.  A brief commentary follows , and finally a "Prayer Declaration" in which a prayer is available for the parent to pray.  A blank line is left for the parent to fill in with their child's name.  In fact the author encourages the parent to actually write in the name of the child. There are six pages for journaling in the back of the book as well.   Parents with more than one child are encouraged by the author to purchase one book for each individual child. Personally I don't feel this is necessary as this book is printed and marketed as a mass produced paperback.  If the quality of this book was higher, with more open space for trinkets, photos and personal items, and made for scrapbooking and archival purposes then yes- a copy for each child would be appropriate. 

The end of the book contains interesting old testament historical background on prayer! The "Conclusion" chapter provides origins for the basis of this book giving insight into some of the old testament Jewish practices.  for example, the historical background and significance of the mezuzah and phylacteries is explained and actual black and white photos are included. The inclusion of this historical material as well as the journal space makes the book a bit eclectic and broadens the focus.  One thing to keep in mind is that as believers in faith  we should not become too preoccupied with the old covenant practices dictated by Mosaic laws.

I found this book to be a resource to return to each day. and worthwhile to read a second time in order to absorb the material presented by the author, Mike Shreve and also and to meditate on the countless promises God has in store for us- not just for eternity in heaven but on earth right now.  There is so much material in this book- historical as well as a treasure of biblical promises and prayers specific enough for every need for the reader .  Even if one does not believe in literal modern day miracles, this book shows the supernatural power of prayer- and that is not a doctrine that conflicts with any believer.   This is a very empowering book that is certain to encourage even the most apathetic of parents to act.

 As a blogger for the Booketeria I received this book published by Charisma House for the purpose of writing this review.

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