Saturday, August 31, 2013

I am Ruth -- Photography by Kenneth Berg, Text by Brenda Duff

I am Ruth: A story of Loss, Love & Redemption features the beautiful photography of Kenneth Berg and commentary by Brenda Duff as well as the text of the complete old testament book of Ruth. This chronological and graphic account recreates the journey of Ruth, as well as the entire story.  Beautifully created, this book brings to life the book of Ruth in a way that can never be accomplished using a simple text format.

This book is better than a motion picture about the life of Ruth.  The photos are expressive, taking place in the actual ancient locations of the book of Ruth.  Authentic cultural, ecological,
environmental and social details are throughout this book! The creators could not have produced a better more realistic depiction of Ruth's life! Full color photos with expressive actors and actresses recreate the strong emotions: the hope, the anxiety and stresses of this ancient time. One can spend hours literally reading into the photographs themselves.   Old testament culture is not only explained but depicted in full color. There are authentic depictions of traditional clothing and farming practices as well as  homes.  A lot of work was put into creating the scenes, used as the backdrop for the photos.  This 86 page, full color book is a hybrid between a photo-shoot and a historical chronicle. The creators add clarity to the story of Ruth for all readers. This book is one to be treasured and passed down- and can be enjoyed by everyone: young, old, religious and secular alike.  A wide range of readers will appreciate this book- not only the religious or Christian reader, but anyone who enjoys ancient history and archeology. 

As a blogger I received this book published by New Leaf Press for the purpose of writing this review.

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