Monday, August 12, 2013

My Princess Devotions by Karen Whiting

The illustrated My Princess Devotions pre-school edition by Karen Whiting is now offered by the popular "The One Year" devotion book series.  The cover- depicting two friendly bright cartoons of two young princess girls - will draw in the attention of younger girls. This hardcover book, with its kid- friendly size and bright bold colors is the perfect accompaniment to any young girls home décor or book shelf.   Pink pages and pretty graphics add visual appeal to this book for young children to follow as an adult reads.  Each day's devotion is quick, and too the point as well as easy to understand for young minds.  The simplicity of this book is its strong point as the text is short enough to allow even the youngest of children to grasp the meaning.  The problem with many children's devotional books is that they can sometimes be too lengthy, losing the interest of the child for which they are intended. While a wordy devotional passage may capture the approval of the parent, it is often not a good fit for younger readers and what winds up happening is that the parent has to sum up and interpret the passage for the child. 

Overall the colorful pink graphics will keep the young child's eyes on the page long enough for the adult to share the quick message.  What is ambiguous is that the cute little graphics and pink pages are aimed at young readers.  Yet there are only illustrations at the beginning of the month pages.  A few more cartoons within the devotional days themselves would be good to include as well. 

The choices of bible verses are perfectly suited for young listeners.  They are relevant and applicable.  Not only do I feel this book is a perfect introduction to the bible for young girls, it is the perfect parent aid to teaching a child about the bible.  The princess theme is cliché and often overused, but it is popular nonetheless. This book would make a good choice when introducing a young girl to the bible and God.  I would like to see a girls bible or devotional that goes beyond the "princess" theme as the princess theme is too limiting and may alienate other young girls with other interests.  As a blogger for Tyndale I received this book published by Tyndale Kids for the purpose of writing this review.

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