Friday, August 9, 2013

A Sisterchicks Devotional: Take Flight by Robin Jones Gunn & Cindy Hannan

A Sisterchicks Devotional: Take Flight by Robin Jones Gunn & Cindy Hannan is a new little book written especially for fans of the Sisterchicks novel series. The talents of two writers: one who tells "God stories" and another who asks "gentle questions" were combined in this group effort to produce a unique and inviting devotional book.  This pleasant new edition to an already saturated genre of Christian devotionals stands apart from other devotional books. With their personalized, friendly writing style, the two authors take on the role of the reader's own "Sisterchicks" - for those unfamiliar with the series of books, it is defined as a "friend who shares the deepest wonders of your heart, loves you like a sister, and provides a reality check when you're being a brat".

This small 138 page book is creatively designed with peaceful blue two tone graphics throughout, pleasant nature themed art and a some photographs throughout.  This inviting book makes the reader want to read it.  There are four themed sections, each containing three  or four devotionals each.  Excerpts from the book series, scripture and even quotes from real life personalities who earn the title of "Sisterchicks" are included as well such as Amy Carmichael and Fanny Crosby and Corrie Ten Boom.  There is even brief space for the reader to write- which isn't nearly enough space but might encourage the reader to keep a journal.

Gunn, author of the Sisterchicks series reflects upon God using personal anecdotes from her own life as a springboard for each topic.  Her happy and fulfilling, and busy life- living in Hawaii, vacations, a beautiful wedding, lots of responsibility and too little time, and a loving daughter with faith- is something not many readers have the fortune to experience.  Nevertheless the author does recognize that some readers may have less than ideal circumstances as she includes an entry based on a difficult time of her life when she had to temporarily live with her parents a few months.  She does acknowledge that the "shipwrecked" time of life doesn't compare with some  other traumatic situations people may face.  Nor does the author reveal much information, which may lead to the reader wanting more information, raising even more questions.  Was it due to a loss of employment or foreclosure ? Or was it a temporary place to live while waiting for a completion of a new custom dream home?   The author needs to be a little more open in order to gain a greater connection with the reader.  Although not the intent, I think that the fact Gunn leaves out the complete story and she mentions that "the details how we became so shipwrecked aren't essential to repeat at this point" page 58 call even more attention to the story behind the story, which may cause a rift in the personal connection she is trying to achieve with the reader. The reader may even feel as the author is holding out and that the personal connection to share intimate and personal details just simply is not there. I am sure most readers won't become too fixated on this point as I have, but as someone who has experienced hardships, I can't help but wonder why Robin Gunn feels as if she can't open up just a bit more.  Overall this is a minor point when considering the scope of this lighthearted and enjoyable devotional.  This devotional can be read once a day for two weeks or in a couple of sittings.  As a blogger I received this book published by Multnomah for the purpose of writing this review.

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