Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Get your free book or bible in 6 simple steps- in under 6 minutes


In just minutes you can get a free book, bible or children's book shipped to you at no cost.  With this program there is simply no excuse not to have your own bible! Is it time to retire  or upgrade your old bible?Those of you with tired, old, threadbare bibles and hard to read King James bibles- you NEED a new bible!!!! These days many think nothing of replacing a perfectly good iphone, computer or laptop with an even newer device, but not too many think about the need to upgrade your bible. An Old King James bible is today's equivalent to the rotary telephone.  A plain text old RSV bible or New American Standard is like an old first generation Pentium or even worse, a 486 with a huge heavy 80lb screen. Is your only bible a pink "precious moments" themed bible from when you were a kid? Maybe you are using a marbled covered Gideon bible that you swiped from a hotel. Or a defective New World Translation? And your  first edition NIV- with yellowed dog eared pages is the same as carrying around a first generation iphone with a cracked screen- its time to replace and upgrade. Follow these steps.

Simple Steps to a New Bible! (or book) in under 6 minutes
  • 1. click the link http://tyndalerewards.com/signup/?pc=2gmm-cxf0-6v4n-43zd
  • 2. Type in your email and zip code (zip code determines that you live in the USA, as this program is limited to US because it ships free)
  • 3. Keep the "promo code" because this starts you off with points.  Click both boxes.
  • 4. Follow instructions and make sure you use a valid email.  A temporary password will be sent to your email address.  Log into your email to get the password.
  • 5. Follow link, enter password and in just a few minutes you will get enough points for a free book or bible.  The choices are pretty impressive.  In just a few min you can get a devotional book, a One Year Bible in NIV or NLT, a children's storybook and more.  Basically you earn more points by filling out a couple of very quick, short surveys about reading preferences, and by signing up for e-devotions.  There is NO money involved, and NO requests for bank or credit card info.  The best part of this is it is completely free and if you hate spam or junk mail, simply unsubscribe to any e-mail devotions you subscribed too.  Points for surveys and emails are credited instantly.  As soon as you have 45-65 points you have enough for a book.
  • 6.  If you are very motivated to get one of the "better" or "bigger" selections- you can also share this link http://tyndalerewards.com/signup/?pc=2gmm-cxf0-6v4n-43zd on your fb page or blog page. Or you can review Tyndale books on B&N or Amazon and submit your links.  By doing this I earned 250 points for a NLT imitation leather bible.  I was very impressed with this bible, as I normally would not be able to afford a new bible from the bookstore, much less an embossed, gold edge, bible like this one!

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