Thursday, August 1, 2013

Notes From the Tilt-A-Whirl by N.D. Wilson

The original retro cover art of the new book, Notes From the Tilt-A-Whirl: Wide -Eyed Wonder in God's Spoken World by N.D. Wilson, is enough to capture the attention of the reader.  This eclectic book is a hybrid between art, poetry, philosophy and theology.  This eccentric book is fast paced- quickly jumping from analogy to analogy and fast paced images.  This style of written is similar to an ultra modern abstract style of writing.  His style is almost reminiscent of the fiction writer Kurt Vonnegut.

The schizoid disjointed writing, nevertheless has a purpose and a direction- its theme is focused on God's miraculous nature and creation.  For example, the author discusses the miracle of the snowflake- the complexity and beauty of a common, miniscule thing that has no intrinsic or economic value.  In fact Wilson notes that the beautiful snowflake is discarded in heaps- no different than worthless trash.  In fat on the following day after a snowstorm- this same beautiful snow flake is tainted with sludge and dirt and trampled on, much in the same way mankind disregards the beauty of this world as worthless trash.  He invites the reader to consider and think about the commonplace and ordinary and how they are part of God's miraculous plan and creation.  If the writer takes the time to follow through with the book, a world will be opened up- on the importance of appreciating what is around.  In similar, vivid fashion Wilson tackles other heavy theological and philosophy issues in a lighthearted manner as well- such as the problem of evil and death, and  judgment.  Satire and truth fill the pages of this book.  It is really an original work of art- an outreach to draw in readers to the gospel message.  In a saturated Christian book market- this book stands apart.  While this book may not be for everyone- it will speak out to many readers, nonetheless.  For those readers who want an original new book and a fresh new way to ponder the world around - this is the book to read.  As a blogger for Booksneeze I received this book for the putpose of writing this review.

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