Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rewired by Brandon Cox

Rewired: How using today's Technology can bring you back to deeper relationships, real conversations, and age old methods of sharing God's love is a timely new book  by Brandon Cox.  The author, Brandon Cox is himself a pastor who has served in his own church as well as the beloved Saddleback church of pastor- speaker Rick Warren, has  successfully used the internet and social media to spread the message of God in a new modern package to appeal to today's generation.  His new book tells the reader how to use social media to become fishers of men and to spread the gospel message.  In fact, according to Cox- it is essential to use this new technology and is a disservice to ignore it. 

The cover of this book in of itself is a piece of art- a jumbled mix of well known icons - a modern tribute of computer clip art and images familiar to any social media user. These images are interconnected by a computer logo- symbolizing how the internet and social media connects people and users together.  No other technology or institution has the potential to connect so many over vast geographic areas.  According to Rick Warren, Cox's new book, urges church leaders to "embrace the social media wave" and to "harness" its power for the good of God's kingdom. ( from the forward page xi).  This book is written for any one in a leadership roe of their church including pastors and ministry leaders. 

Step by step Cox systematically covers all aspects of the internet and social media and how to effectively use and integrate them as part of a Church's outreach program.  Twitter, facebook, blogging and other social media platforms are discussed.  The effectiveness of elements such as multimedia, video wed design and photographs is covered in detail as well.  This book serves as a how to manual for anyone interested in moving their church to the computer age. This book is like having a computer- social media expert advisor at your disposal.  No need to search how to forums or user groups as anything you need to know to get your church up and running online is right here in this book.   Any internet or social media concept that is introduced, in explained in detail making this book accessible to anyone regardless of their internet and computer background.  This book is written in simple to understand language- it is a much needed message directed at today's church leaders.

 At the end of each chapter are refection and discussion questions to reinforce the significance of the material introduced.  In the Appendix sections are a list of helpful web sites as well as helpful apps and programs with explanations and descriptions.  Basically this book is the one step resource guide for any ministry and church to organize itself in the computer age as well as navigating the complexities of social media. 

As a blogger for the Booketeria I received this book published by Passio for the purpose of writing this review.  I recommend this book as an essential guide for any ministry team or leader who wishes to use the internet and social media their church's reach and sphere of influence. 

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