Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Whaley's Big Adventure illustrated by Alexander Luke

Whaley's Big Adventure, illustrated by Alexander Luke, and presented by Carole P. Roman is a story about Whaley, a young blue whale that sets out to explore the ocean, meeting other species of whale along the way.  Not only is this story fun, but it is educational as well.  Young Whaley meets many types of whales on his adventure- including Orcas and Humpbacks.  Each time a new whale is introduced in the story, an interesting scientific fact about the whale is presented. 

This picture book not only is a fun bedtime story for parents to read to their young children- it is educational as well. This is a hybrid or cross over book between a picture story book and educational fact book on whales. The fascinating facts will engage and surprise young children.  Illustrated with watercolor styled illustrations in deep blue and gray, the reader gets the impression of a deep, dark, murky ocean habitat. It is hard to believe this story is written and illustrated by a five year old boy!  The fact that a child authored and illustrated this book makes it a perfect story for young elementary children to motivate students to use their creativity to write stories as well.  This book is a perfect choice for teachers to read to their classes during story time.  As a blogger I received a copy of this book for the purpose of writing a review.

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  1. Both Alexander and I thank you for the most wonderful review!!!