Thursday, March 27, 2014

Heaven and Hell: Are They Real? by Christopher D. Hudson

Not only is the newly published book,  Heaven and Hell: Are They Real? by Christopher D. Hudson an authoritative text on the subject of Heaven and Hell, this work is a real eye opener for anyone who wishes to put his priorities in order.  This exhaustive resource shares with the reader everything there is to know about heaven and hell based on the bible.  Not only is there an extensive reliance on scripture references, Hudson had gleaned countless references and quotes from notable personalities, politicians, preachers, writers and other well known historical figures. Providing a well balanced perspective, the author provides quotations from a number of secular as well as religious personalities for a well rounded experience.  This mix of references is the perfect outreach to draw in secular readers who might not normally read a Christian work.  Nevertheless, the author does not compromise scriptural truth.  You will not find relativist ideas or liberal all-inclusive notions of hell.  Though the reading level of this book is deceptively simple with its easy to follow question and answer format upon which the individual chapters are based, Christopher Hudson does not water down the scriptural truths of heaven and hell as presented in the bible.

It is certainly true that the concepts of heaven and hell in today's society are devoid of meaning.  Many deny the existence of a literal hell and many reduce the concept of heaven to a fairy tale land in the clouds.  Angels are equated with Precious Moments figurines and Christmas cards.   The book Heaven and Hell: Are They Real? discusses what Scripture really says - it is a wake up all even for those who consider themselves religious.  Not only does this book sort myth from reality, I found it to contain a comforting message as it reinforced the concept of Heaven and biblical priorities.  Even though some questions and topics addressed may seem overly simplistic or silly, I believe for some readers especially those unfamiliar with the bible, they are  important nonetheless.  This is the perfect book for anyone with questions and  seeking the truth.  It is a simple introductory book on the text.  But just like any thorough book, for the seasoned Christian it will reinforce important concepts such as having a spiritual heaven focused outlook and about building one's spiritual treasure in heaven.
Especially practical features include-
  • 50 days of reading on heaven and on hell
  • quotes and excerpts from modern and ancient authorities and figures
As a blogger for Booklook bloggers I received a copy of this book published by Thomas Nelson publishers for the purpose of writing this review.

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