Tuesday, March 18, 2014

101 Bible Stories by Dan Andreasen

101 Bible Stories by Dan Andersen is a brand new collection of  popular Bible stories written for young children.  The beautiful artwork stands apart from the cartoonish line drawing that commonly is used in many bible storybooks on the market.  Parents will be impressed by the expressive quality illustrations that accompany each story. This is a bible story book where the illustrations truly enhance the stories.  In of themselves, these powerful illustrations retell the story visually.

Although this compendium, 101 Bible Stories from Creation to Revelation is marketed specifically for "young independent readers ages 6 and up", as a parent and an educator with experience teaching elementary school children, I believe that children under age 8 will struggle to read these stories independently. In my opinion, younger children will understand the message of these stories more readily if read by a parent or adult.  I feel many 6 year olds will find the reading level too difficult.  I caution parents not to have unrealistic expectation of having a first grader reading and comprehending these stories on his or her own,  Nevertheless the fact that the reading level leans more toward the higher age range, this does not detract on any way from the quality and value of this book.  Personally I see it as the perfect book for parents to share with young children by reading aloud.  These stories are short and simple, and are perfect bedtime stories for young children but contain enough detail to engage older readers as well. Each story is one page in length and features a picture depicting the main character or event of the story.

For anyone looking for a children's bible storybook, this is definitely a good choice. if only for the quality art alone, this o's a good choice.  Yet just as impressive as the art is the storytelling style of the author in his ability to communicate   timeless bible truth with these familiar stories.  This book brings new life to these familiar bible stories for young and old alike.  I received a copy of this book published by Zondervan publishers for the purpose of writing this review. 

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