Saturday, November 9, 2013

Aloha Rose by Lisa Carter

Aloha Rose by Lisa Carter, is a well written novel certain to capture the reader in the first chapter.  From the very first pages the well developed heroine, with her vividly real, raw emotions,  Laney Carrigan, comes to life- and is certain to strike a chord with the reader. This story, a novel in the "Quilts of Love Series", Where Every Quilt Has a Story- is not only well written, with authentic local  details of the peaceful, tourist setting of Hawaii it is a refreshing piece of modern fiction that focuses on a solid story line leaving out the R- rated language and adult themes that have become so commonplace in most modern fiction and romance novels.  Common themes about reuniting with long lost biological family, family secrets and intrigue, relationship as as well as military life and its lifelong impacts,  will capture the interest of a varied readership.  This book would most likely appeal to those readers who enjoyed  Disney movies and fairy tales with beautiful princesses and happy endings as a child.  Basically, this novel is like a grown up version of a fairy tale, where truth and honesty prevail- the story is honest and wholesome and the ending is always a happy one. But one major difference is that the main heroine is not naïve or submissive, but strong,  intentioned and driven.

One all too common underlying belief, that is found in many romance novels and fairy tales, as well,  is also perpetuated in this book: at times this story encourages the common antiquated, yet strongly held theme in society that a woman's self worth and value is based on a man rather than her own self worth.  A woman's happiness is usually linked to a man and if she happens to be single, it is always her choice, (at least temporarily- until she comes to her "senses").  There is always a suitor around the corner as a fall-back option to provide the heroine with a life of security, whose own life is on hold,  as he patiently waits for her approval and acceptance in marriage. This book is not an exception as the end results in a religious conversion for Laney's suitor, and ends in a fairy tale "tropical wedding fantasy"- a Hawaiian themed wedding complete with ukulele wedding music, and tropical flowers as she lives happily ever after as she finds "her forever home at last with her wonderful, tall, dark and Hawai'ian cowboy". page 231. 

For those who appreciate ancestry and family trees, the authentic details of the ancestral quest will be easy to relate to.  For those readers whose lives have been personally touched by adoption, Laney's quest will have a personal connection.  And lastly, anyone who simply loves the significance of handmade quilts, will appreciate this new edition to the Quilts of Love series. The setting of Hawaii adds an original touch as the authentic details of culture and even clothing will be appreciated.  There is true socio-cultural insight, as the author delves into the mind on traditional cultures and their perception of family and honor and morals.  Most of all, the gospel message of salvation is integrated into the story line as Kai finds his heart changed and becomes a true believing Christian.. A special added touch is a Hawaiian glossary of words in the back of the book.  This book would be a good choice for any reader who enjoys idealistic, fiction with a purpose.  As a blogger I received a copy of this book published by Abington Press. 

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