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The Answers Book For Kids Volumes 5 & 6

The Answers Book For Kids Volumes 5 & 6 by Ken Ham & Bodie Hodge are the two newest volumes in the Master Books Answers series for children.  As with the previous volumes in the series, each volume is dedicated to a particular topic.  Each book can be read independently because they address specific topics in question and answer format.  These pocket sized books, with full color phtot0graphs and lively graphics rival the scholarship and quality of other mainstream books in the children's science genre.  The science and fact genre is increasingly popular for kids books as any school book fair or bookstore will testify.  The new trivia and fact books are especially popular with kids these days, in order to make learning fun.  The authors, Ham and Hodge integrate this popular genre in order to make learning bible truths fun.

The Answers Book for Kids Volume 5: 20 Questions from Kids on Space and Astronomy, is a 48
page, full color pocket sized book that features 2o questions on this popular subject from actual kids.  Each two page spread is dedicated to the question and answer of a popular question that will appeal to young readers.  Each question is presented by a child ranging from age 6 to 11.  On one page, the young reader is presented with the question and introduced to the child that particular question is from, with a photo, name and age.  The reader can relate to a question that actually has a name and face to it.  The following page addresses the answer in a few simple paragraphs using a relevant biblical verse as a spring board.  Photographs draw in greater interest.

While the questions presented by the featured children may not be exactly what your child would ask, they are similar to what many children have wondered and can be adapted to the universal questions that all children seem to as at one time or another.  For example on page 14, the question presented by 9 year old Becca, " Is it possible that there are living things in space?" is a variant of the ever popular question- "Do aliens exist?" which parents are more likely to actually hear.  In fact both my children ages 7 and 12 have rephrased this question asking whether aliens are real or exist rather than the more scientifically accurate, but less likely wording "Is it possible that their are living things in space".  The stereotypical alien depictions near the answer are accurate pop cultural depictions of aliens that children most likely have in mind when asking the question as to whether aliens exist.  I feel the way this question is worded in this book might be a little deeper than how most young kids would actually ask this question. Yet, as a parent, I can see why this question was phrased in this way as the insertion of the word  "alien" in the question most likely would yield a more negative response in contrast to rephrasing it as "living things" which gives a broader, more open ended response.  Eleven  year old Sean's question about the "waters above the expanse" of the book of Genesis, is one that most likely will  never be asked by most young children.  Nevertheless the answer is fascinating nonetheless, and will capture the interest of any young reader.  As far as the other question, basically the most popular space questions about planets, comets, stars and space are covered.  How many kids have asked the question "Will the sun blow up?" Finally there is a book to address it. It is refreshing to see simple, yet faithful and intelligent responses written for children.  this book is an essential tool for any parent who find themselves faced with the astronomy and space questions that children love to ask.  The back of the book has a helpful "appendix"  of yearly meteor showers as well as a planet fact sheet.  This book makes a good supplemental tool for an astronomy lesson in science.

Volume 6: 22 Questions from Kids on Babel and the Ice Age is the perfect companion to any
geography or geological science lesson.  While some of these questions are unlikely to come from secular students specifically, especially the specific questions on the tower of Babel from the book of Genesis, they do overlap with many questions children naturally have about ancient history, different cultures, and the ice age.  For children curious about anthropology and archeology, this book presents satisfying and convincing answers to questions of curious kids about the ice age and about human ecology and cultures.  In addition to a large number of questions on the tower of Babel account from Genesis, there are questions concerning the origins of human languages, ethnicities, nationalities and civilizations.  There are also several questions about the widely conjectured ice age.  This book distinguishes fact from fiction, sorting myth and reality in the context of bible truth and archeology.  The ice age is a very popular theme in pop culture and especially kids' movies.  This eye opening book provides much needed truth to the facts of the ice age which are frequently distorted by evolutionary and secular bias.

All answers in these two volumes are provided in light of scripture as well as archeological evidence.  This book shows first hand that science and the bible are not mutually exclusive, giving much needed credibility for the bible to students, parents and educators alike. These books equip parents and educators to address the tough questions that curious kids have rather than stumbling to find an answer.  For older children that can read themselves these books will hold their attention providing entertainment while sharing biblical truth. I would like to see a compendium of all six volumes available in one single, larger volume.   I received these books as a blogger for New Leaf press, published by Masterbooks, an imprint of NLP. 

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