Friday, November 1, 2013

The Cross by Rod Parsley

The new book, The Cross by Rod Parsley has a well defined theme and purpose: to illustrate the dangers of undermining the significance of the cross of Jesus Christ.  The idea of the cross, and its focused purpose in redeeming our salvation is both shameful and offensive to many Christians as well as secularists alike.  A dangerous modern trend, even in so called Christian churches is to reduce the presence of the cross in everyday life as well as worship. Parsley explains that" Calvary's cross is the place where God's unfanthomable provision intersects with our deepest and most basic need". page 28.  Yet this symbol is associated with shame and often left out in modern worship.  As the author mentioned the cross is seen as bad marketing.

With laser- like focus, Parsley brings to light the significance of the cross figuratively and literally both in general life and in worship.  Churches most of all are systematically erasing the cross from its teachings and imagery.  In fact, many modern churches don't even have a cross.  Nevertheless, to deny the cross, or to simply omit the cross passively is to deny a crucial tenant of Christian belief.  It results in a watered down Christianity or lukewarm faith.  This short easy to read book is focused and goes directly to the point.  Drawing on relevant anecdotes and Christian thinkers of the past, together with scripture, the author provides a wealth of information to make the reader aware of this silent poison that is infiltrating the Christian churches.  Poignant, bold illustrations of the cross, within the text serve to re-enforce visually, the importance of the cross itself.  I believe this book will be a wake up call especially for many modern Christians.  This book is part theology- part apologetic tool- in order to expose the dangerous modern trend of minimizing the cross.  As a blogger for Booketeria I received this book published by Charisma House for the purpose of writing this review.

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