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The Big Picture Interactive Bible

The Big Picture Interactive Bible

Finally there is a children's bible that actually targets its intended readers with age appropriate text as well as with colorful graphics and articles. The Big Picture Interactive Bible is absolutely one of the best children's bibles I have read featuring the full text of the HCSB.  Unlike many kids' bibles, this bible is actually one that kids will be able to read.  The inviting fonts of the faithful yet modern HCSB text will encourage young bible readers to actually read this bible.  I can not say how frequently  I have seen children's bibles with tiny 6-7 point font in a hard to read NKJV or  KJV! While some readers may argue that the HCSB is not as easy to read as the NLT or other more modern or paraphrased versions- of all the literal translations on the market, this is probably the most accessible to readers of all ages  This bible is not one that kids will quickly outgrow.  Even beyond the pre-teen years, I feel that even teens will appreciate this easy to read, inviting bible.

The bold full color graphics and extensive full color illustrations and photographs make this bible inviting to pick up and read. There is color everywhere.  It is clear that the publishers produced a bible with children in mind.  Highlighted verses and a magazine styled interior will draw the readers attention to the bible text as well as highlighted side bars of useful information to apply.  Full color maps and additional  bible resources add extra value as a study bible.   These resources are  often overlooked in many kids bibles.  Every page has either an illustration, photograph or graphic.  The modern cartoon styled illustrations are faithful and artistic.  They are reminiscent of computer styled graphics and will appeal to young readers as well as older children.  Within the text and illustrations are special icons that lead the reader to additional multimedia online resources.  These online resources are optional and do not detract from the bible reading  experience. This unique feature is the B&H Kids Augmented Reality App (free and available for Android and iPhone). When the links are accessed it is like a digital book.  Overall, This is a good choice for first time bible readers and it is a good bible that young readers will not quickly outgrow.  If you are going to own one single children's bible, I would recommend this bible.  Parents will be impressed with the quality and quantity of content.  The varied style of the pages of this bible will keep children engaged.
In sum, some notable study and entertainment features included are....
  • Big Words - like having a  Dictionary  with photos, maps, illustrations and descriptions of key concepts right in the Bible text.
  • Big Questions/Big Answers - Q and A feature that answers many of the common "big questions" children will ask throughout the Bible.
  • Book Introductions
  • Special icons are placed throughout the Bible to connect to the interactive multimedia Gospel Project for Kids curriculum.
  • Memory Verses
  • Seeing the Big Picture - This feature is an idepth look into key Bible stories to help kids to grasp the meaning and also provide parents and educators with extra information
This bible is a beautifully bound with a flexible cover .  This high quality bible will easily stand up to years of use.  The purpose of a children's bible is to reach kids with the life saving gospel message.  This is the best bible suited to accomplish that.  In the overwhelming market of full color books, magazines and media finally there is a bible that fits in to capture the attention of the modern young reader without compromising truth.

As a blogger I received a copy of this book for the purpose of writing this review.

.The Big Picture Interactive Bible is published by  (B&H Kids)

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