Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Awesome Science Episodes 8 & 7 Explore Rocky Mountain National Park, Explore Glacier Park

Awesome Science Episodes 7 & 8 are the newest editions to the Master Books educational DVD series.  Episode 8- Explore Rocky Mountain National Park with Noah Justice and Episode 7  Explore Glacier National Park are the perfect DVDs  for elementary science students and geology enthusiasts.  Everything having to with every aspect of these national parks and landmarks is covered- from water and weather to fossil evidence and dinosaurs.  Information about everything from the ocean, to the ice age, the water cycle, fossils and climate change is included in the episodes of this  comprehensive series.  Each episode is narrated by a young teen aged boy, Noah Justice- which is certain to appeal to young viewers.  When these arrived, my 8 year old could not wait to watch.

Although marketed as an elementary DVD for the home schooled market, this ambitious series easily fits into the popular non fiction science genre for young pre-teen readers and elementary audiences rivaling any science television series on tv. These videos are something that you might even see on the Discovery channel with one major distinction-  these books are based on a belief in God and the bible and not the theory of evolution and they  reconcile the revealed truths of the bible with science.

  These DVDs need not be confined to the homeschool classroom setting although they are perfectly suitable for the science class.  As you watch these episodes, you will find discussion of the creation account from Genesis as well as information on the worldwide flood and how it relates to fossil evidence, dinosaurs and the ice age.  Presented in an academic and professional format, this DVD ties into the curriculum of other Master Books science titles to re-enforce the information learned. This DVD series- combines  together faith and science, giving much needed credibility to biblical creation without sacrificing academic scholarship.  For those readers and families who are familiar with the educational titles produced by Master books, these videos cover topics introduced in the wide range of books.  This consistency and unity of material reinforces  the validity of the material as well as comprehension.  Having various media that discovers how the bible and science are consistent makes for a stronger understanding.  It is hard to comprehend the amount of scholarship and research contained in this series.  While written for a childrens' curriculum, I am sure parents and educators will enjoy this viewing this DVD as well.  The episodes of this series  leaves no stone unturned and is certain to answer countless questions about a host of science topics that go far beyond the topic of national parks alone.  Last but not least, these videos make a good travel resource for families who wish to vacation as these popular national parks.

As a blogger for New Leaf publishers I received a copy of these DVDs by Master Book and imprint of New Leaf publishers for the purpose of writing this review.

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