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Children's Bible Directory

Children's Bible Directory

There is a wide range of Children's bibles on the market today, ranging from study bibles for older readers, featuring the full bible text to graphic novel styled bibles to colorful storybook bibles for preschoolers.  When selecting a children's bible there are a number of considerations to guide you to the best choice.  Some bibles feature the full bible text as well as age appropriate study resources while others are simply a collection of simplified stories accompanied by distorted, quickly drawn cartoon illustrations. There are some bibles packaged as children's bibles featuring super small font and difficult to read KJV text, which make bible reading prohibitive for children and are most likely to sit unread, gathering dust on a bookshelf. 

Children's Bible Genres:

  • Bible storybooks - There is a wide range in this category from quick, simplified one paragraph sized bible stories such as the Color and Sing Bible Stories accompanied by simple cartoons, to beautifully illustrated full length faithful paraphrased accounts such as the New Leaf Press Family Illustrated Bible Stories, Andreasen's 101 Bible stories as well as a subgenre of illustrated hybrid study- story bibles such as the New Leaf Press Family Illustrated Bible featuring paraphrased bible stories, illustrations, photographs, history and archeology.

  • Bible graphic novels - These vary from comic book styled bibles such as Dan Cook's Action Bible, to graphic novels such as the Messiah Origin.  These are great for adult readers as well as teens. 

  • Study Bibles- These bibles feature the full bible text in an easy to read font size.  The bible version is usually a readable modern version such as the NIV.  Interior graphics, articles, bold heading and illustrations add visual appeal for elementary aged to teenaged readers. The Jesus Bible, The Young Women of Faith Bible, The Deep Blue Study Bible, The Big Picture interactive Bible, The Ignite Bible.

  • Gift Bibles- These are simply repackaged "adult" bibles with no additional kid friendly features other than a special cover illustration.  Often the font is tiny, with standard black and white text, featuring the KJV, NKJV or sometimes the NirV.  There may be full color page inserts to break up the text copy. Examples of bibles like this include the "Precious Moments" line of gift bibles and the ICB sequin bible.

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