Friday, January 31, 2014

Bible Stories For His Beautiful Princess by Sheri Rose Shepherd

Bible Stories For His Beautiful Princess by Sheri Rose Shepherd, illustrated by Shelley Dieterichs is a new bible story book written just for young girls.  Dieterichs' inviting, colorful cartoons will capture the attention of toddlers and pre-schoolers.  The princess theme will appeal to the young fans of disney princesses.  Mixed with illustrations that accompany the short bible stories are pastel colored illustrations of young girls dressed as princesses.

This book contains the basic and most well known bible stories from the old and new testaments.  You will find the story of God's creation and Noah's ark as well as popular New Testament stories and teaching such as the Golden Rule and The Storm and The Easter Story.

These stories are tailored for very young readers.  For example in the account of Noah's ark,  you will not find  a depiction of the flood waters only an illustration of the beloved ark filled with friendly animals.  You will learn about Adam and Eve and Eden, but there is no mention of the Serpent, the Tree of Life and its fruit or the first sin.  On the account of the cross, Jesus crucified is depicted from behind where very little of Jesus is actually depicted.  This is not suprising as the intention of this book of bible stories is to introduce very young children to the bible.  Those expecting theological accuracy should not look to this book.

Mixed with the bible stories "Princess Prayers" which introduce young children to the concept of prayer.  Also included are application suggestions as indicated by "princess Jewel" sections.  For each story you will find the bible reference and an actual bible quotation from the New Living Translation bible.  This is more than a bedtime story book- but in the simplest form, a study bible.  This 159 page book is perfect for parents to read to young girls.  I can picture replacing the typical fairy tales and princess bedtime stories, with stories from this book.  This is a wonderful way to introduce a young child to the bible for the first time.  As a blogger for Tyndale bloggers I received a copy of this book published by Tyndale Kids for the purpose of writing this review.

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