Monday, January 20, 2014

The Compass Bible

Compass, the Study Bible for Navigating Your life is based on the easy to understand Voice translation.  The Voice,  translation of the bible, is a new, modern translation.  This new bible is a hybrid that melds together the usefulness of a study bible, together with the simplicity of a paraphrase- in a screen play type of format to boot! This translation is based on the Voice, originally released a few years ago with some notable changes in the 2011 edition.  In contrast to the first release, Jesus is no longer the "Liberator" , but rather the "Annointed".  And John the Baptist, is no longer referred to as John the "Immerser" but John the Baptist.  These changes from the earlier edition of the Voice, reflect a return to the more traditional rendering of the bible text.  The significance  of the word "voice", is based on the idea that Jesus is considered to be the "Logos" or the "word" as referenced in the first chapter of John.  Just as the word is living and alive, a translation of the bible should be a living form of communication to share the good news of the gospel.

 This Voice translation, brings to life, the words of the bible in an easy to read paraphrase.  This is not a literal translation, but this translation,  nevertheless, gets the reader to understand the meaning of the bible.  This bible is the perfect outreach method to reach out to those who have never read the bible, or perhaps find the bible too intimidating.  Suitable for adults and youth alike, the life changing words of the bible are still maintained in this easy to read format.  While this version does not have paragraph titles as other modern versions, it is written in a screen play type of format. The text is broken up,  based on the speaker. Each character is in a bold font, and the text follows just as in a play format.  Paragraphs of explanatory text are inserted- yet distinct, from the actual bible text so as to not confuse the reader.  The commentary makes this bible useful as a simple  study bible!

This bible may not be the best choice for intense academic bible study.  Those who prefer the traditional translations such as the NIV and NKJV will find this bible a bit too much of a paraphrase.  For those new to the bible or those who enjoy translations such as the NLT or Message will enjoy this edition.  This is a beautiful embossed hardcover bible.  The pages have a newspaper- type of texture which bible traditionalists will notice as different from typical bible paper. This can serve to appeal to those readers who do not favor the traditional onion skin bible paper found in many mainstream bibles. This bible is also reasonably priced in comparison to some overpriced bibles that may cost up to $40 or $50.  The editors published this bible with a mass appeal to make this an accessible bible in terms of cost and understanding.  I feel it's about time publishers produced bibles for the masses rather than expensive specialty elitist bibles for a select few.  After all the purpose of scripture is to reach everyone of all socio-economic groups.

As a blogger for booksneeze, I received a copy of this bible published by Thomas Nelson for the purpose of writing this review and my opinions are my own.

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