Sunday, January 26, 2014

Galapagos Islands- A Different View

Galapagos Islands: A Different View (edited by Georgia Purdom) is a new science pictorial about the Galapagos Islands written from a creation world view.  This impressive full color science book contains vivid graphics and high definition photos throughout.  The quality and scholarship of Purdom's work rivals that of the best science texts and journals.  Photos of the unique wildlife as well as ecosystem give the reader a bird's eye view of these islands.

Starting with an overview of the creation account as depicted in the book of Genesis of the Old Testament, the editor ties in biblical creation with the science of these impressive and unique ecosystem.  The reader will get a comprehensive view of how creation is in indeed consistent with the natural world that can be observed.  Additionally, there are contributions from.a number of respected creation scientists and scholars adding additional scholarship and credibility to this work. This book incorporates history and social science- the development of evolutionary world views side by side the creationist world view.  This rounded depiction gives the reader a comprehensive view of these special islands.

This book is appropriate for all ages and audiences - young and old alike as well as the secular educational and homeschool market. This book can be adapted into a science curriculum for an earth science or geology course.   This would be a great book to see in any school or public library or museum gift shop.  Science fact books are an ever growing genre gaining popularity among elementary readers.  This book would make a great gift for any young reader interested in wildlife and science.  Ironically, an ecosystem that has been widely viewed as evidence of evolution is shown to prove the validity of creationism from the bible.  This book will appeal to all readers of all educational backgrounds and interests:  history enthusiasts as well as environmentalists and those who hold an interest in wildlife. 

I highly recommend this book published by Master Books an imprint of New Leaf Press. I would like this book to be offered in the school market. This book would be a welcome addition to school book fairs and libraries. 


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