Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Deep Blue Bible for Kids CEB Version

Deep Blue Bible for Kids CEB (Common English Bible) Version is the perfect bible for kids and is marketed for the 7-12 age group.  This bible is the full and complete bible text made available in the easy to read yet accurate Common English Bible translation.  Throughout the bible are full color illustrations and graphics as well as bold headings. The full color, full page illustrations are very impressive. These illustration as well as graphic  features make the bible very inviting for the young reader.  Most likely, anyone younger than 11-12 years of age may have trouble reading the actual text of this bible independently. But that is to be expected with any accurate translation.  In such case, a parent should read to the child. Nevertheless the video game styled graphics and computer generated illustrations will capture the attention of younger readers as well.  Unlike many children's bibles which are simply a collection of stories or excerpts taken from the bible, this is the entire text, therefore a bible that can be used for years of reading and study.  The other extreme are those bible texts that are no different from adult bibles yet claim to be children's bibles because there is a picture on the cover.  Such bibles are a diservice because they contain no graphics do draw in the young reader and are a challange to read even for a teenager.  Such repackaged adult bibles serve to discourage the younger generation from reading the bible. 

  The reading level of this bible is comparable to the International Children's Bible (ICV)- for those familiar with bible versions.  It is also comparable to the readability of New Century version of the bible as well.  This bible is so readable yet true to the traditional renderings of the more widely used biblical versions, that parents will enjoy this translation as well. 

There are a number of helpful features in this bible.  An introduction written for the young reader on the very first page, gives simple instructions on how to use the bible and its features.  It is reminiscent of the directions you might find packaged with  board game or video game.  The special features are also identified by full graphic images within the text.  Basically these contain various notes or insights into the bible text to help the reader under stand and apply scripture.  There are even trivia facts and information as well. The only thing is that some of the illustrations of Deep Blue Crew, the two girls and the boy cartoon characters who appear throughout the bible,  are probably going to be appreciated more by the younger readers in contrast to the pre-teens. 

Of all the children's bibles and contemporary translations, This bible choice is perfect for any child.  As a blogger I received this bible for the purpose of writing this review. 

Learn more at the Deep Blue Kids bible website www.deepbluekidsbible.com

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