Saturday, December 15, 2012

Prostate Cancer Armed & Ready by Don Kaltenbach

Prostate Cancer Armed & Ready: A Survival Guide to Diagnosis, Treatment and Recovery  by Don Kaltenbach  is an educational as well as inspirational book based on the author's personal experience with cancer.  This book is a hybrid between an autobigraphy of a man that survived prostate cancer as well as a prostate cancer survival guide book.  Intertwined with personal anecdotes based on his personal experience, Don Kaltenbach shares with the reader a wealth of information on cancer.  If you or a loved one is embarking on a cancer journey- this book takes the reader through the diagnosis stage to the treatment and recovery process.  The information is so thorough and complete it is almost as if you had first hand access to your own doctor or cancer advocate.  There is no  need to "google" prostate cancer on the web sorting through useless and irrelevant material when you have this complete book- almost like a "bible" of prostate cancer.

Most newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families are overwhelmed when hearing of a cancer diagnossi.  yet they are left to fend for themselves when it comes to finding information and support- via latenight, frantic internet searches at 2am.  This boom provides the support needed in a simple, professional yet reassuring format.  The author discusses the personal and emotional side of prostate cancer as well as the medical side of cancer.  In addition to providing self help strategies and coping options for the emotionally drained cancer victim, all the background information on prostate cancer as well as the various treatments and treatment options are covered.  Lab test terminology is defined for the layman, and prostate health & anatomy 101, complete with diagrams and captions. Cancer staging is thoroughly dicussed in sufficient detail to satisfy the questions of beginners as well as more advanced questions as well.  Simple yet effective charts and graphs are included concerning various procedures, treatments and statistics.  There is also a full color insert.  All these additional graphs and photos and illustrations are very professional- similar to what one would expect from a medical text or brochure.  In the back of the book are additional helps including an appendix on additional resoucres and sources of help and a detailed glossary.  There is even a section on questions to ask your doctor.

This book is a very good resource. The author used his experience with prostate cancer to help countless prostate cancer patients.   I believe doctors should offer this book to all their newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients.  Furthermore, I wish there was a book like this for every cancer: lung cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer and all the other cancers.  This professionally written, thorough medical book should is a resource that will be sure to help all prostate cancer patients and families.  As a blogger I recieved this book published by Victory Bookworks for the purpose of writing this review. 

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