Friday, December 14, 2012


LIVE SECOND Blog Entry #4

Week 8: Day 6 Naked
The wise teacher in Ecclesiastes and Job recognised that we can not take wealth and material possesions with us. Ecclesiastes 5:15 explains that we enter into this world as babies, naked- with nothing and likewise, when we depart, we can not take anything with us either. Jesus calls us to build our treasures in heaven rather than amassing material wealth here on earth. How many people go through life with no regard for eternity! So many people's lives center around material things and the ambitious pursuit of wealth and material things. Yet, even the wise teacher in Ecclesiastes recognised that the pursuit of pleasure and material wealth dies not satisfy. In fact, if we are simply trying to fill that void with things, we will never be happy apart from God. Only with a personal relationship with God can we ever be spiritually fufilled. We have a longing for eternity and for personal companionship with God. try as we may we can never fill this void with things or pursuits apart from God. When selfish ambition and personal pleasure come before God we will never be happy: we will never be prepared for eternity. Only when we Live Second can we be truly fulfilled and prepared for eternity. I need to keep this perspective in my own life when I find I am discouraged by what I lack. With Jesus I am spiritually rich. When my treasures are stored in my heart and in heaven, I will never lack.

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