Friday, April 25, 2014

Destroy The Works of the Enemy by Iris & John Delgado

Destroy The Works of the Enemy: A Deliverance  Manual for Spiritual Reading by Iris & John Delgado is worth reading multiple times in order to empower the reader when confronting personal crisis and trials.  Not many believers understand the concept of the Holy Spirit and that we are all called to fight against the devil, our Enemy. The authors present scriptural background and bible passages from the old and new testaments to share with the reader that each of us is called to resist and fight against the devil with the power of the Holy Spirit.  The authors refer to this as the deliverance ministry and explains this is one of the privileges all believers have at their disposal. This background material is necessary as many readers may be unfamiliar with these spiritual concepts.

The main focus on the book is to show the reader more information- from Satan in general from his early origins in the bible as well as to expose the works and deceptions of the devil as well. 

The authors use some personal anecdotes from their experiences. Some may find these stories difficult to believe and a bit theatrical.  In it important to keep in mind the charismatic background of the authors is based on the belief of the real workings of the Holy Spirit and the literal belief in modern day spiritual gifts such as tongues and healings.   One powerful story is about  a minister who failed to heed the Holy Spirit's promptings to discard former ungodly practices and serves as a poignant warning to those who disregard God's direction.  Another anecdote about a concerned mom rummaging though her adult son's suitcase to discover an occult book seems a little stereotypical and I feel could have been excluded. Rather than seeing a miracle many readers -especially younger readers, may simply conjure up an image of a meddling middle aged parental figure and making this negative association other than what the authors originally intended.

Much of the book is an invaluable resource where the authors have taken scriptural truths and promises- and relate them to the modern day believer to use and apply when facing any trial or work from the enemy.  The scriptural references  will empower any reader with a quick resource of how to respond in faith to any difficulty- large and small.  It is a spiritual self help book in the fact that it will allow the reader the tools to look within himself and identify any areas or issues where Satan has his foothold.  Not only that it tells the reader how to face and address these issues! For those who are at a loss of how to begin to approach their spiritual problems there are a number of sample prayers applicable to any number of situations. As a blogger for the Booketeria I received this book published by Charisma House for the purpose of writing this review.

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