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The Lie: Evolution/ Millions of Years by Ken Ham

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The Lie: Evolution/ Millions of Years by Ken Ham, is a new revised and expanded anniversary edition of his original book published 25 years ago.  The author explains the fallacies of evolution and  dispels the myths surrounding the theory of evolution which so many readily accept as fact.  Ken Ham equates the theory of evolution to a type of religion in which its advocates accept the theory based on their biased or incomplete world view. In fact, evolution has become the dominating religion in secular society and schools alike.  The reference on the cover and within the book  to "Millions of Years" is a new insertion from the originally published book.  This  refers to the fact that there are many self proclaimed Christians and religious  who try and reconcile their faith with evolution by erroneously claiming that even though God initiated creation, it still occured through the process of natural evolution, slowly over the course of millions of years.

 In The Lie, the author explains that the debate over evolution is clear cut- and in a sense it serves as a litmus test as to whether a person is truly a believer in the gosepl of Christ.  Using Jesus' words from the New Testament in which Jesus told his listeners that they were either for or against the gospel, likewise Ham states that either one fully accepts the bible as the word of God including the 7 day creation account in Genesis, or rejects the word of God in favor of man's views which are reflected by the theory of evolution.  Considering that so many people readily accept evolution as a fact, without indepth research of other alternatives, many readers, including nominal religious readers,  will find this book difficult to read with an open mind.  As it is, many nominal church goers as well as athiests and non religious readers starting with a world view that rejects the existance of God, will most likely reject the argument presented by this book without serious consideration. Evolution is referred to as a lie in that it is a misrepresentation of the truth and a corruption presented by those whose world view denys God.

This book isn't simply a critique of evolution. In this eye-opening book, the author makes the important connection between the Genesis account of the creation and the fall, to the life saving gospel message of Jesus.  The gap in understanding will be filled in the author's presentation where he bridges the old testament account of Genesis with the Good News of Christ!  Furthermore, the author presents archological, historical and scientific facts to back up the biblical argument of a seven day creation as explained in Genesis of the bible. For example, the fossil evidence supports the idea of a world wide flood.  The common threads in various religions such as the various flood, creation and tower of babylon myths point to an original common, monotheistic belief, and a dispersion that followed.  Ancient artifacts and architechture reveal complex and advanced ancient civilizations in contrast to the sterotype of the beastial, simple minded caveman. The problem with trying to reconcile God's word with the theory of evolution is explained.   If  the world with its so called primitive organisms, dinosaurs, and caveman - existed or predated the first man and woman, then death would have been in existance before the first sin (the first act of disobbediance) occured.  Yet the bible clearly states that death was a direct consequence of the first sin.  Therefore if one claims millions of years of eveolution occured before the first man and woman, then the claim is that God created an imperfect world that included death and decay.  And if death existed before the first sin (act of disobediance) than how could God claim that death was a consequence of sin.

This is an eye opening book like no other.  The author bridges the gap left open by explaining the significance of Genesis with the fact that Jesus died for our sin, in order to offer believers eternal life.  By undermining even one part of God's word, then faith in God in general is diminished.  The consequences of belittling and whittling away at God's word is evident in today's society.  The author systematically addresses all the issues- offering a useful tool for any believer, to strengthen one's faith in addition to defending one's faith. Within the text are several cartoons, graphs and charts to illustrate the author's arguments.  This 25th anniversary edition includes special features, such as additional resources for more information, and a time-line of the author's work and research.  In the appendix additional information is provided such as additional theories of evolution which attempt to comprimise between the ideas of evolution and the bible.  This section will prove to be useful- in fact I am certain many readers themselves may find that these are the very theories or ideas that they currently accept. As a blogger I recieved this book published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf publishers, for the purpose of writing this review.

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