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The True Account of Adam & Eve by Ken Ham

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The True Account of Adam & Eve by Ken Ham and illustrated by Bill Looney, chronicles the Genesis account of the bible  starting with the 6-day creation-  in  a children's storybook format.  Yet the simple format should not decieve the reader as this book isn't simply a storybook, but a simplified theological commentary about the book of Genesis, the account of Adam and Eve and its significance for each and every one of us. It introduces children to the concept of apologetics- in which one defend's one's belief with facts.  The story is presented as a true historical account, based on the bible.  The author begins by addressing the young reader to explore the answers to common questions that every child wonders about- and it shows how the bible provides the answer.  In fact the introduction is the perfect spring board by which the account of Adam and Eve can be introduced.  In fact for parents facing the dilema of how to introduce their children to the bible and to the Genesis account, this book provides the perfect context to introduce such a discusiion.

The Genesis account is chronicled fact by fact chronologically.  This storytelling method gives weight to the authenticity of the bible.  Far too many other children's bible story books make the bible to appear no different from fairy tales and bedtime stories in the fantasy -like way the stories are normally portrayed.  Life- like art work, in contrast to simplistic cartoons, accompany each part ot the account so that young readers can visualize the events. Even scripture references are inserted.  This is not simply a re-teeling of the account but an application.  For example, the basis of marriage is discussed as well as the common points that man, as a unique creation, have in common with God, the creator.  The issue about sin and its long lasting, far reaching consequence is discussed in detail.  In most simplified accounts where it explains that Eve was tempted and ate the apple, this book actually discusses the consequences of sin from that single act of disobediance and how all mankind has inherited sin, and the effects oin society- even today.

 This book goes beyond the account of Adam and Eve, and covers other topics related to the Genesis account.  There  is a brief introduction to discussion of the problems of the theory of evolution and how fossil evidence supports the creation account.  Additionally, dinosaurs are depicted as among one of the animals created with the other animals.  The implication is that dinosaurs co-existed with man and that most likley died out in the worldwide flood. There is also a discussion of specific issues such as the population, and how a population of tday could have come about based on the inhabitants of the ark alone.  The reader is warned about the dangers of sin and the deception of Satan. In fact, the connection between Satan and how sin entered into the world is established in easy to understand language.  The good news of the gospel message is presented.  This ties in how Jesus has redeemed the world from sin, which started with Adam and Eve.  The end of the book includes biblical refences to Adam in order to illustrate the far reaching consequence of Adam's choice to sin.  Personally, I feel as if the adult reading the book will get just as much out of it as the child listening.  Although the illustrations are inviting to the younger child, I feel that older children will most likely be better able to grasp all the concepts discussed in the book. 

As a blogger I received this book published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group, for the purpose of writing this review. 

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View the Trailer, and Purchase The True Account of Adam & Eve

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