Thursday, October 25, 2012

10 Secrets to Life's Biggest Challenges by Peter Lord

10 Secrets to Life's Biggest Challenges: How You Can Prepare For A Better Tomorrow, by Peter Lord with Kent Crockett is a self help book written from the biblical perpective.  Already there are many self help books saturating the market.  In fact there are a number of biblical based self help books as well.  What speaks out to the reader to draw in his attention  is the bold title which targets what the author identifies as 10 "secrets".  The idea of a "secret" or secret knowledge is always alluring for many- religious and non religious alike.  Furthermore, the cover and its title makes no reference to Christianity and the bible, which will likely draw in the secular or non religious reader as well.  In fact, this book may be a good outreach attempt to draw in the secular reader who wishes to find help in addressing some issues. 

This book is simply written and easy for any reader to follow.  Each of the ten chapters is dedicated to a specific common challange that we all face in life.  And each chapter discusses the secrets to handling the specific challange.  For example, some of the chapters cover decisionmaking, temptations, relationships, conflict resolution, money management, and even preparing for death.  In fact, this book is like a social skills 101 course whereas the answers and help come from the bibl;e rather than from Freudian or humanist pshychology.  The author feels it is his personal mission to help others, through this book, to face life with biblical advise and knowledge.  In essense, the advise and help offered is not secret, except for the fact that the information might not be so clear to a secular reader with a wordly point of view.  Ironically, most of the chapters begin with a quote from a secular notable writer or historical figure such as Oscar Wilde, Goethe, Freud and Martin Luther.  This is an eclectic mix of quotes, but most likely included inorder to draw in a varied readership.  Discussion questions at the end of each chapter guide the reader to reflect on the chapter.  The author draws from scripture quotes heavily.  The advice is very practical and to the point.  for example, when facing temptation, the reader is urgeged to avoid tempting situations in the first place.  Scripture is used to back up the validity of the author's advise.  In fact, much of it is common sense, yet for so many people out there inj the world, whose actions are basically determined by animal like intinct and short term pleasure, this way of thinking is probabably new and novel.  Whilt this advise is wise and practical, it is amazing how many people in this life make poor choices and suffer the consequences because the have a different, non biblical based mindset.

The final chapter covers preparation for death.  Death is something everyone will have to face, one day.  Yet, it is a subject that many wish to avoid.  It is quite interesting to see how casually and with practical suggestions that the author addresses the issue of death.  For example, practical issues such as preparing a will and preparing important documents to make your death easier for your surviving family are addressed.  Legal, practical and relationship preparations are covered as well as a few paragraphs on spiritual preparation.  In a way I feel that this final chapter is misplaced as it seems contradictory to the preceding nine self help challanges.  In some cases, a reader may be drawn from this book as a result of depression and the final chapter may serve more to feed a depressed person's morbidity concerning death, rather than help.  Basically, many young readers will not be able to realate to the advice of taking legal and practical preparations for death- and this may not apply to many readers' situations.  Nevertheless, aside from the chapter on death I feel any reader will greatly benefit from this book. As a blogger I receieved this book published by Chosen, a division of the Baker Publishing Group for the purpose of writing this review.

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