Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our Daily Bread Devotional Bible NLT

Tyndale publishers newist themed bible, Our Daily Bread Devotional Bible NLT is a combination of the popular "Our Daily Bread" devotionals alongside the easy to read New Living Translation text of the bible.  This bible is a good resource for bible reading for three reasons: Firstly, it is based on the reliable, yet easy to understand NLT version of the bible.  Secondly, the 365 daily reading from the  "Our Daily Bread" devotional series is relevant and simple- and it actually re-enforces the message of the biblical text.  Thirdly, the two tone green graphics, and bold easy to read type font encourages readers to read long passages of the bible, in contrast to single isolated passages.  These three reasons make this bible a good choices not only for new bible readers but also those familiar with the bible as well.

A few points to keep in mind with this bible is that it is a devotional bible.  In contrast to a study bible, you will not find study notes, maps, glossary, concordance or articles.  For those used to the study bible format- this bible will not suit those heavy theological needs.  For those who aren't into series indepth, theological or educational bible study, this is a more appopriate choice.  This bible is a good transition for those who enjoy reading daily devotionals.  As far as the devotionals, they are written by a team of individuals- both men and women.  One thing I observed  is that the female authors of the devotionals tend to write more about their own personal yet stereotypical experiences with marriage and family.  I felt that some of their writing were not as applicable to a wider audience and would have been more appropriate in a woman's devotional bible.  While I do commend the wide mix of authors and their varied experience- to have even a segment of debotionals that depend heavily on personal anecdotes based on familial experience and child rearing will alienate many readers- especially grief stricken readers who are going through a loss. To open up a devotional with a reference to one's husband or toddler might serve to reinforce the grief of a reader who most likely is going through a sloss.  In fact "Our Daily Bread" devotionals are usually distributed at hospitals to bereved families after a loss.  Traditionally those in the greatest grief have been introduced to these simple  Personally, I felt that some of the devotionals written by the female writers would have been better placed in one of Tyndale's womens devotional themed bibles.  Other than that issue- in large part, the devotionals are short, simple and to the point- perfect for a reader to understand and apply who may be going through grief or less than ideal life circumstances.  One danger of devotional bibles in general is that the devotionals may detract from the actual text of the bible.

  I have reviewed several bibles and many seem to have one major flaw that is a deterrent from reading./  For example a good study bible with extermely small 6 or 7 point font is not readable for long passages whatsoever!  Who wants to do their daily reading with a magnifying glass.  I have seen perfectly good bibles- that are essentially usesless because the font is too tiny.  Another spoiler is the linear text format seen in some NKJV bibles.  I've seen otherwise perfect study bibles spoiled by this format. The linear text is good for finding individual, specific passages quickly, but not for comfrotable reading.  Also, a devotional bible such as the NLT Womens Sanctuary Devotional Bible, with luke- warm stereotypical women devotions, devoid of spiritual insight does not make a devotional bible worthwhile to read, despite the fancy graphics used. 

Overall I found "Our Daily Bread" to be a bible that I will actually use. This bible encourages daily bible reading- and that is among the most important aspect of a bible.  In addition, most of the devotionals are applicable to real life situations that many of the readers may be facing.  As a blogger for Tyndale publishers, I received this book for the purpose of writing this review. 

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