Sunday, November 11, 2012

City on a Hill by Richard Bledsoe

City on a Hill by Richard Bledsoe, a piece of art recently completed depicts a mysterious city- which presents the viewer with more questions and possibilities rather than answers.

Is this city located in a sun bleached arid, sand dune or frozen arctic wasteland of Siberia?

Is this an ancient isolated stone city or a modern metropolis complete with glass windowed skyscrapers?

It is unclear as to whether this may be an ancient eastern Islamic dome, modern high rise new age glass cathedral or mid- evil Byzantine Christian church?

This could be Mythic fairy tale emerald city or real historical city.

Who knows if its Supernatural by God or man made? Or is it alien?

Ambiguous and vague as to time, place, region or religion- there are no answers, absolutes or even clues- this city belongs to no one, no single culture or religion, yet all can lay a claim of ownership.

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