Saturday, May 5, 2012

Your Guide to Yellowstone by Master Books

Your Guide to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks- A Different Perspective is yet another informative volume of the True North Series published by Master Books.  This fully illustrated, exhaustive fact filled book is a hybrid between a field guide and a science text.  Although the topic- a guide to Yellowstone may seem to be a bit limiting, this book is not simply a tourist guide to the well know national park.  A reader may feel that this book is only intended for tourists or travelers or hikers- but this book is much more than that.  In of itself it is a science text as well as a history text too.  The quality presentation of this book rivals that of many popular science themed books.  The graphics, photos and text-  is sure to capture the attention of anyone interested in science and naturalist. The book features pullout pages which feature different environmental and natural aspects of this park. It is educational- covering the history, environmental and scientific aspects of the park.  For those who actually plan to visit the park, this book makes a valuable resource- a unique book that you will not find in a tourist gift shop.  A team of authors with backgrounds in various disciplines contributed to this book. Travel and tourist plans are included- with suggestion about places to visit as well as points of interest.  This small sized spiral bound book is easy for any traveler to carry.

The book features a brief  introduction about the origin of animals in general, based on the biblical creation account of genesis and Noah's ark. Points of interest in the Yellowstone National park are depicted as evidences of the marvels of God's creation.  There is even a discussion of fossils, animals and wildlife that may be encountered.  Topography and natural features are discussed in light of creation rather than the assumption of evolution.

As a blogger for New Leaf publishers I received this book, published by Master Books for the purpose of writing this review.

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