Tuesday, May 1, 2012

NLT Sanctuary: A Devotional Bible for Women

NLT Sanctuary: A Devotional Bible for Women by Tyndale publishers
I aquired the NLT Sanctuary: A Devotional Bible for Women when I made some returns to a Christian bookstore. I used my credit to purchase this expensive $49.99 bible.  It is crazy to think that a bible, God's word, could be sold for this much money.  It makes me wonder what the target readership is- probably affluent women.  Nevertheless, this is a beautiful bible- quality printed cover on the ourside, and pleasing text and graphics on the inside. But that is just about all that is good about it. The NLT itself is a very good translation bringing new life to the ancient words of God. But the deotionals leave much to be desired. In fact the word of God is tainted with these uninspired lukewarm, fluffy devotionals. In fact it ruins the entire experience of this bible for me. How can I find such shallow uninspired devotionals empowering or comforting? I simply find it to be alienating for those of us with less than ideal circumstances.

While people are tortured and killed for their political and religious beliefs in third world nations, women belly-ache and complain because they don't have the right shoes or expensive purse or a mansion. The luke-warm, dull devotioals in my "NLT Sanctuary" bible annoy me as they are largely written by uninspired, wealthy women who have the means and luxury to stay at home. These so-called "inspirational, thinking" women have nothing more important to think about than to contemplate on making crafts, preparing dinner or homeschooling their children. For them, a bad day is when their husband comes home late, missing a shoe sale, or their dinner is overcooked, or a stubborn grass stain won't come out of a soccer uniform. These same phony "Christians" have the financial means to "sacrifice" money on "spiritual" retreats and getaways, so they can feel return feeling, refreshed, and "holy" and "pius". They go on expensive "fasts", consuming small quantities of expensive gourmet, yet healthy organic food, under the guise of self- sacrifice, when in actuality, they simply want to lose weight. The thought would never cross my mind to throw out a bible, but I am tempted to dicard my "devotional" bible, where God's inspired word is embellished and tainted by frivoulous and uninspired materialism. For each person that spends the day pampered in expensive, luxurious spas, getting pedicures there are countless human beings, that languish in pain and hunger and filth. Countless numbers suffer with terminal conditions and debilitating pain from diseases such as cancer and ALS. For every healthfood snob that will only eat organic, or expensive gourmet meals, or five dollar gourmet cofees, there are countless others who are so hungry that they will eat stale cereal or bread because they must fill their hungry bellies with whatever edible food they can find. For every pampered pet that gets groomed, trained in obediance academy, and has fancy gourmet food, and periodic vet visits, lyme disease vaccines and hearworm pills, there are children who go without nutritious food, clean water, vaccines and antibiotics. And there are countless hard working parents scraping by with multiple jobs and low wages, who die for want of healthcare. People spend endless hours fundraising for endless frivolous causes, sporting organizations and other humaitarian and social causes to feel good about themselves, when it is simply a disguised effort to provide for their own greedy wants and tainted consciouses. Many fans cry at the so- called hardship endured when a "misunderstood" drug abusing, wealthy popstar or famous model is found dead in a luxurious hotel room, yet the memories of the unknown, tortured prisoners of war or missing and exploited children are not even remembered.

If you are looking for spiritual food, and quality devotionals, keep looking. It is sad to say many women's devotionals are uninspired and lack substance- not just this bible's devotionals.  For those who write devotionals for women, please keep in mind that not all women are married, not all of them have children or the ability to stay home cook homemade meals, homeschool or plan recipes.  SOme women struggle with health issues, relationship issues and financial issues.  The devotionals of this bible-  and sadly, many women writers as well-  simply do not recognise this.  Or maybe they simply try to ignore the reality that many women face. 

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