Thursday, May 17, 2012

NLT Life Application Bible vs luke warm devotional bibles

In general, study bibles are a far better choice for serious study and spiritual enrichment in contrast to the spiritually devoid, lukewarm women's devotional bibles.  While devotional bibles in general have an attractive, pleasing color coordinated presentation- the devotional inserts themselves lack in spiritual substance- and detract and distract from the actual biblical text.  Oftentimes the devotionals water down and dilute the bible message into a more palatable format- analagous to Paul's concern that many teachers water down biblical teaching so that it is more pleasing to the listener and consistent with worldy values.

I recently received a NLT Life Application bible, from entering a Facebook giveaway.  While the visual presentation may not be as pleasing as the graphics in a devotional bible- the study notes and articles are releveant. Rather than avoiding the biblical message, the notes clarify and suppliment the text.    The additional articles in this study bible are not like the uninspired, shallow, lukewarm, fluffy devotionals found in women's devotionals written for women that belly-ache and complain because they don't have the right shoes or expensive purse or a mansion. In otherwords, this bible's helps are not like the  dull devotioals in my "NLT Sanctuary" bible written for  wealthy women who have the means and luxury to stay at home  that have nothing more pressing to think about than to contemplate  crafts, preparing dinner or homeschooling their children. For them, a bad day is when their husband comes home late, missing a shoe sale, or their dinner is overcooked, or a stubborn grass stain won't come out of a soccer uniform. The articles and study helps in this bible are not written for those phony "Christians" have the financial means to "sacrifice" money on "spiritual" retreats and getaways, so they can feel return feeling, refreshed, and "holy" and "pius". They go on expensive "fasts", consuming small quantities of expensive gourmet, yet healthy organic food, under the guise of self- sacrifice, when in actuality, they simply want to lose weight. In this study bible you will not find God's inspired word  embellished and tainted by frivoulous and uninspired materialism. You will not find justification and validity for your gluttonous excess of luxury and self pampering.  For each person that spends the day pampered in expensive, luxurious spas, getting pedicures there are countless human beings, that languish in pain and hunger and filth. Countless numbers suffer with terminal conditions and debilitating pain from diseases such as cancer and ALS. For every healthfood snob that will only eat organic, or expensive gourmet meals, or five dollar gourmet cofees, there are countless others who are so hungry that they will eat stale cereal or bread because they must fill their hungry bellies with whatever edible food they can find.  Many lament at the so- called hardship endured when a "misunderstood" drug abusing, wealthy popstar or famous model is found dead in a luxurious hotel room, yet the memories of the unknown, tortured prisoners of war or missing and exploited children are not even remembered.

If you are looking for spiritual food, and quality devotionalsit  is sad to say many women's devotionals, in general,  are uninspired and lack substance. For those who write devotionals for women, please keep in mind that not all women are married, not all of them have children or the ability to stay home cook homemade meals, homeschool or plan recipes. Some women struggle with health issues, relationship issues and financial issues. The devotionals of this bible- and sadly, many women writers as well- simply do not recognise this. Or maybe they simply try to ignore the reality that many women face. This NLT Life Application bible is a very good resource.  It is hard to believe it comes from the same publisher that produces the useless devotional bibles for women. 

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