Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spirit Fighter By Jerel Law

Spirit Fighter By Jerel Law is the first book in a new children's fiction series.  At the very start, this book had the attention of my 11 year old daughter.  Who knows for sure what criteria elementary and middle school aged readers use to determine what makes a book interesting- but perhaps and 11 year old.  It is a bit of a mystery- what parents want their children to read and what children actually choose to read are most likely different.  In contrast to other books that I have reviewed for children, my 11 year old found this book interesting and from the start it caught her attention. 

This book has all the criteria to hold the attention of a pre-teen reader: supernatural heros, grade school aged characters and fantasy.  Loosley based on the bible- specifically the super natural angelic Nephilim of the book of Genesis- this book explores the scenario if there actually were real the children of angels and humans- alive in this modern day! The main characters, a brother and sister-  Jonah and Eliza come to discover  that their mother is a actually a Nephilim and that a part angel.  On top of that they have superhero type of powers. They engage in a mission, and they also learn about God in the process.  The reader will be drawn to this new twist in the popular superhero genre.  This is a simple story and its storyline is easy to follow.
The statement by the publisher: "Parents today are looking for fiction that makes Christianity and the Bible exciting for their kids", is still a bit of a stretch, nevertheless.  Yes, it is true that this is a wholseome story for children, and there are moral lessons to be learned. In contrats to the countless fiction works that focus on materialism, competition, crime and dating, this is a welcome new addition to children's fiction.  But other than the fact that the story borrowed from a biblical figure, and a few lines from the old testament about the nephilim- it is a stretch to say this is truly a biblical story or an outreach method to draw kids to the bible. As a blogger for booksneeze, I recieved this book published by Thomas Nelson publishers for the purpose of writing this review. 

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