Friday, May 11, 2012

Warding Off Demonic Attacks By Dr. Robert Peprah- Gyamfi

Warding Off Demonic  Attacks in Jesus' Name: An Amazing Testimony of Divine Intervention In Our Time By Dr. Robert Peprah- Gyamfi, chronicles the author's own account of the story of demonic attacks.  The author's work brings to mind, apostle Paul's words of caution in refernce to visions or apparitions as told by others.  Any believer is under no obligation to accept as true or investigate any private revelations or claims beyond that of the bible.  Therefore, it is always with caution that a reader must use when hearing of any  supernatural or spiritual event or experience.

The author, a medical doctor, writes his thorough work in attorney-like fashion as if presenting his case.  The author systematically presents the evidence and included is even an appendex of supporting documents which includes photgraphs, medical reports, actual copies of receipts and letters.  It is as if the author was gathering evidence for a court appearance.  At times, this hybrid biography appears almost too technical for the causal reader. 

At the beginning, providing a brief background into his family, culture, writing experience, education and spiritual formation, the author establishes his credentials as a sane, productive member of society. In fact he provides personal insight and a thorough history about his publishing experiences.  He wants there to be no doubt that he is a Christian, and not simply a  pagan agnostic with a ghostly experiennce or confused Catholic with a spiritual vision.  Right from the start, the author makes a clear distinction between the fallicy of pagan supersticion and spiritiual events so as to leave the reader with no doubts that this is in fact a story of supernatural, demonic possesion and not simply a popular Friday the 13th, Poltergeist or an Amnityville Horror movie type of account. In contrast to the usual ghost story or voodoo mishaps or alien abduction, the author wants to leave the reader with no question as to his authenticity as a Christian and that the attack described is a real demonic account.

The action actually begins in part two of the book, when the author first described the physical experiences and illness associated with the alleged demonic attacks. With his background in medicine, he has medical insight in describing the physical symptoms experienced in  his body that were analagous to a stroke but actually attributed to demons.  After the attacks, some of which were life threatening,  he eventually finds that he  exchanges his role of a doctor for that of a patient.  Nevertheless his faith was not diminished-  and his  reaction was always to pray.  Dr. Peprah-Gyamfi takes the words of the New Testament letters literally- the refernces to wrestling with evil spirits, and battles with the spirits- to refer to the possibility of physical possesion and physical illness and life threatening conditions and not merely  a spiritual or symbolic battle.  To the author's credit, he gives glory to God when he finally overcomes his battle with his health.  Yet, as mentioned earlier we are under no obligation to actually believe that his physcial symptoms were the result of a demonic attack.  His writing is inspriational, yet it is extreme as of the readers who experience illnessdo so not as a direct result of a demonic attack but simply the consequence of living in a sin filled, fallen imperfect world with imperfect bodies that are subject to illness, bad luck and accidents and age. After reading this book, I consider popular movies such as the Excorcist or Halloween and think to myself that maybe the maincharacters should have tried prayer instread of silly supertitious rituals to remove the ghosts.   As a blogger I receieved this book from the author for the purpose of writing this review. 

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